Purvis Street School

History of Purvis Street School (S.S. #8 Front of Yonge)

While we acknowledge that this school was located in the Twp. of Front of Yonge, we have included it on our website because of its closeness to Lyn. The students and families that sent their children to this school would have considered Lyn as the nearest town where they would shop etc. Many of the names seen on these photos will be familiar to the residents of Elizabethtown-Kitley Township.

The brick school was closed in 1967. It had been built in 1890 to replace a stone building which had been erected in 1844.

On May 12th, 1890, the ratepayers held a meeting and voted 11 in favour and 9 against the building of this new school. The secretary was advised to advertise in a Brockville paper for tenders for construction.

On June 16, 1890, a trustee meeting was held at John Chick’s residence when the following resolution was passed: “The tender of George Aaron Purvis of Purvis Street to build a second school similar to one recently built near the Toll Gate on the Perth Road, at the rear of Brockville for the sum of $675.00 and use the old material from the other school was accepted. (the school referred to was the brick school on the Chemical Road in Elizabethtown).

A plate bearing the date of the old school was transferred to the new one.

The first teacher at the new school was Miss Laura Clow and later Mrs. McCracken who received a salary of $225. The Caretaker received $15.00 a year.

In 1891 William Young furnished the material and built a wood shed for $80.

(Recorder & Times )

1896, June 12th (photo #1)


1930 Sept– Class ready to attend School Fair in Mallorytown Teacher was Winona Chick Names are by row, front to back, starting on the left: Row 1: Dick Herbison, George Shane Row 2: Geraldine Baile, Phyllis Herbison, Beth Chick Row 3: John Dunster, Arlene Gibson, M.Graham, H. Dunster Row 4: Bill Barrett, Kathleen Shanks, Dorothy Gibson Row 5: Stella Dunster, Winnie White, Lorne Gibson Row 6: Audrey Gibson, Dorothy Barrett (photo #2)


1934 Front Row: Beulah Louch, Willa Shane, Betty Barrett Middle Row: Wilson Purvis, Nancy Purvis, Horton Herbison Back Row: Jean Harrington, Roy Bushfield, Janet Purvis, Fred Barrett Teacher: Velma K. Graham (not in photo) (photo #3)


1944- Browns Bay Picnic (photo #4)


1944 Brown’s Bay Picnic (photo #5)


1945 Front Row: Glen Dack, Gary VanDusen, Charlie May Back Row: Gerald Dack, Orren Louch, Elson Dack, Frank Purvis (Teacher) not shown (photo #6)


1946 – Front Row: Gary Van Dusen, Glen Dack, Charlie May, Dianna Purvis, Dorothy Scott. Middle: Jackie Purvis, Audrey Dack, Gerald Dack Back Row: Frank Purvis, Elson Dack, Oren Louch (photo #7)


1946 Dorothy Scott, Jackie Purvis, Audrey Dack, Diana Purvis (photo #8)


1947c – Picnic at Brown’s Bay – Front Row: Charlie May, Allen Purvis, Diana Purvis, Ruth Bushfield, Gary VanDusen, Glen Dack Back Row: Gerald Dack, Jackie Purvis, Audrey Dack, Frank Purvis (photo #9)


1947c -Picnic at Brown’s Bay – L-R: Frank Purvis, Gerald Dack, Charlie May, Allen Purvis, Gary Van Dusen, Glen Dack, Jackie Purvis, Audrey Dack, Dianna Purvis, Ruth Bushfield (photo #10)


1950c – Front Row: Allan Purvis, Harry Purvis, Charles May, Glen Dack Middle Row: Georgina Burroughs, Morlene Burroughs Back Row: Gary VanDusen, Miss Myrtle Bellamy (Teacher) (photo #11)


1950 – Janet Michie, Teacher (photo #12)


1953 – Front Row: Harry Purvis, Sheila Herbison, Bill Purvis, Sandra McNish, Miss Mary White (Hendry) Teacher Back Row: Allan Purvis, Glenn Dack, Georgine (Mary) Farkey [sic]   Note: Sheila Herbison started school early or there wouldn’t have been enough children to keep the school open. (photo #13)
1953 – Teacher Myrtle Bellamy Johnson (photo #14)


1954c – Front Row: Sheila Herbison, Harry Purvis, Bill Purvis, Sandra McNish Back Row: Allen Purvis, Glen Dack, Georgine Burroughs (photo#15)


1954 – Brown’s Bay Picnic Only Two Boys identified on the left: Charlie May and Gerald Dack (photo #16)


1954, December Christmas Concert Teacher: Marilyn White L-R: Wayne Herbison, Sheila Herbison, Jean Van Dusen (photo #17)


1955c Front Row: Bill Purvis, Sandra McNish, Sheila Herbison, Wayne Herbison
Back Row: Harry Purvis (Not all identified) (photo #18)


1955c Inside the school (photo #19)


1955c – Inside the school (photo #20)


1957 – Teacher Janet Michie (photo #21)


1957, April – Teacher Janet Michie (photo #22)


1958 -Front Row: Sheila Herbison, Bill Purvis, Wayne Herbison Back Row: Unknown, Bill Purvis, Unknown (photo #23)


1960 – front Row: Harry Purvis, Sheila Herbison, Bill Purvis, Wayne Herbison back Row: no names (photo #24)


Purvis Street School (photo #25)


Purvis Street School (photo #26)
Purvis Street School (photo #27)



June 29, 1967 Recorder and Times Photo (photo #28)


Teachers at the school in no particular order were:

Miss Laura Clow

Mrs. McCracken

Mrs. Grace Bolin

Mrs. Aleda Edgar

Mrs. Beatrice Morris

Mrs. Florence Warren

Mrs. Edgar Webster

Mrs. Winona Keys

Mrs. Velma Ferguson

Mrs. Jean Vandusen

Mrs. Myrtle Johnston

Mrs. Marilyn Hendry

Taylor Franklin

Mrs. Marjorie Warren

Mrs. Myena Welch (O’Neill)