Carnival Held on Lyn Rink is a Great Success

From a local newspaper, date unknown:


Lyn, March 12 – A very successful carnival was held on the local ring on Friday evening which attracted a large number of skaters and spectators. Several contests were held and the valuable prizes which were donated by Brockville and Lyn stores were well worth trying for. The judges were Miss. Helen Purvis, Miss Anna Nelson, Mrs. J.C. McCready and Harris Hanna, who awarded the prizes to the following:

Oldest Skater- Walter Billings

Oldest skating couple – Mrs. Jock Stewart and Walter Billings.

Fastest skater, boy under 14 – Glen Darling

Fastest Skater boy over 14 – Ward Pettem, Louis Darling

Fastest skating girl – Miss Doris McNish

Best skating couple – Miss Rose Leader and Hurbert Leader

Best costume, girls – Mrs. Jock Stewart and Mrs. W. Coon

Best costume, men – Arthur Ladd

Best lady skater – Miss Esther Ladd

Fastest backward skating girl – Miss Dorothy Mott

Fastest backward skating boy – Cauley Ladd

Largest family on skates – Arthur Ladd

Fastest log sawyers – Donald Gibson and W. Smith completing the cut in three minutes and 55 seconds

Nail driving contest – Thomas McNish, six strokes

Prizes were donated by the following: C.E. Johnston Co., Arnold’s stationary store, J.H. Doyle, Smart’s hardware, Hugh Cameron, Cameron and Borthwick, Fullertons drug store, McDougal Brothers, Johnston’s Hardware, H.P. Conklin, H,B, Wright Co., J.C. McCrady, V.W. Coon’s bakery, Walter Billings, Walter Jarvis Gilmaur’s wholesale dealers. The valuable door prize has not yet been called for. The lucky ticket is 248 and the person holding this ticket should call at once at McCrady’s store and receive the prize.

(There was no indication of the newspaper or date of this article we would estimate that it was held in the 1920’s or 1930’s)