Booth Burying Ground

Booth Burying Ground Concession: 4, Lot: 32; Location: Seeley’s, on the west side of Perth Road between Kilkenny Road and Howe Road; Cemetery Status: Closed to further burials – Twp of Elizabethtown*, GPS: 44.584538,- 75.805278                         Also buried here is Mathew Booth 1796-1852 and […]

Manhard – A Hamlet in Elizabethtown

Manhard This is only community in the eastern side of the township, because the only road north from Brockville was the notorious and deserted “smugglers’ highway’, was Manhard. Manhard is located at the junction of the 5th Concession, at the edge of the Manhard Bog. It was settled by David Manhard, a German, and his […]

Grant’s Creek

Crossing Grant’s Creek The creek takes its name from the original settlers of the area the Grant Family. We are fortunate to have old post cards, prints and photos showing how the original bridge looked. Today as you drive along the highway, you can cross the creek without really even knowing it’s there.     […]

Brockville Cemeteries

The Brockville Cemeteries The cemetery comprises 14 acres of land on either side of the highway. It has been owned and operated by the City of Brockville since 1860, when all the older in-town cemeteries were closed and the graves moved into this area. The land was purchased from the Grant Family. The land south […]

Brockville Cemetery Memorial Works

The Brockville Cemetery Memorial Works Just past the Lyn road on the south side of the highway you would come to this next business. Lancelot de Carle was the founder of the business now known as Brockville Cemetery Memorial Works. Lancelot de Carle was first in business in Prescott on that town’s King Street one […]

Riverside Park Ice Skating

Riverside Park Ice Skating Rink Across from the mink farm, during the winters of the 1930’s was an open air skating rink that was enjoyed by both the people of Brockville and Elizabethtown. Located on the south side of the highway, across from the Lyn Road, the rink was lit up at night and if […]

The Brockville Country Club

The Brockville Country Club Established in 1914 this club was originally a nine hole golf course with 7 holes on the south side of the highway and two on the north side. The original clubhouse was burned in 1937 and a newer clubhouse on the same spot was built to replace it. The clubhouse was located on […]


Brockville We started our trip entering Elizabethtown from the east. Just as we passed the Ontario Hospital we would have noticed the sign welcoming us to Brockville. At this point Hwy No. 2 turns into King St East. “Brockville was the first police village (1832) in Upper Canada, when its population reached 1000; the first […]

Louise Crummy McKinney – Our People, Our Heritage

Louise C. McKinney Louise Crummy McKinney was the first woman to be elected to a parliament seat in the British Empire. She accomplished the feat in 1917 in Alberta. Louise was the seventh child and second daughter of Richard Crummy and his wife the former Ester Empey. Richard Crummy was an immigrant from County Cavan, […]

Browntown Cemetery

Browntown Cemetery Concession: 9, Lot: 33; 1 mile north of Addison Cemetery Status: Closed to further burials – Twp of Elizabethtown*, GPS: 44.675611, -75.884843 The photos and information were sent to us by E.Seabrooke, many thanks for them. They reported that this is the only headstone left standing in the cemetery plot.       […]

Browntown – A Forgotten Hamlet in Elizabethtown

Browntown Few people today have ever heard of Browntown, but 100 to 150 years ago, this village of the Browns was a bustling, industrious community, with mills, houses, a black smithy, stores, hard working ambitious people and a fringe of prospering farmers with huge herds of cows. Prickly ash cover the slopes and only the […]

St. John the Evangelist Anglican Cemetery

St. John the Evangelist Anglican Cemetery Concession: 6, Lot: 20; – New Dublin Community Cemetery Board* – Across the road from the New Dublin Cemetery – GPS- 44.667349, -75.800447                                                         […]

Fulford Pioneer Cemetery

Fulford Pioneer Cemetery Concession: 1, Lot: 28; Location: at the south end of Fulford Point Road, west of Brockville , established in 1786 – Twp of Elizabethtown*, GPS- 44.541371, -75.750953 Anyone visiting this cemetery should respect the  “No Parking” signs as this is private property.                       […]

Fairfield East – A Forgotten Hamlet in Elizabethtown

Fairfield East For many years, this community, a couple of miles north of Brockville, was served by a tiny store at the southeast corner of the main intersection in Fairfield East. Operated by Fred Bain and his wife, the store, though small, sold everything the community needed.  Bain Road which runs east past the store […]

St. Andrew’s Church Cemetery

St. Andrew’s United Church Cemetery, Toledo, Concession 6, Lot 23,St.Andrew’s United Cemetery Board*, GPS: 44.739357, -75.997335 The cemetery is located between the two churches in the heart of Toledo   St. Andrews United Church                     James Hudson d April 27 1884 and Margaret Hudson d Aug […]

Old St.Francis Xavier Cemetery

St. Francis Xavier Cemetery Concession: 1, Lot: 19/20; Alternate Cemetery Names: Brockville Cemetery; Old Catholic Cemetery – Brockville Cemetery Board* GPS- 44.574218, -75.720199 This cemetery is located behind Old St.Peter’s Cemetery and the Old Protestant Cemetery on the south side of Highway No.2 west of Brockville                   […]

St. Peter’s and the Old Prostestant Cemetery

St. Peter’s and the Old Protestant Cemetery, Brockville Concession: 1; Lot: 19/20; Location Address: Hwy 2, west of Brockville; Alternate Cemetery Name: Old Protestant Cemetery – Brockville Cemetery Board* GPS: 44.569994, -75.724892 This cemetery has been owned and operated by the City of Brockville since 1860, when fourteen acres of land on the western outskirts of […]

Howard Cemetery

Howard Cemetery Concession: 2, Lot 21; Location: South of the Centennial Road, across from the Parslow Road.- Howard Cemetery Board* – GPS- 44.593936, -75.748093, Drive to the end of the road and then onto a grass covered road. There is room to turn a car around at the end. Fenced, Gated and gate locked.   […]

Foxton Cemetery – 1832-1970

Foxton Cemetery – 1832-1970 Concession: 4, Lot: 14; Location: North-East of Tincap, on Airport Rd; Alternate Cemetery Name: Glazier – Twp of Elizabethtown*, GPS: 44.634215, -75.749818, Near 4522 Airport Road                     List of Grave sites from the Brockville Genealogical Society   Last First Died Comments Aged/Born […]

Bethel – A Hamlet in Elizabethtown

Bethel This fine old farming community, a mile east of Row’s corners, grew around the homestead of the early pioneers of Grenville County and Augusta Township. Settlers were farming here in the 1790’s. A Methodist congregation was thriving here in 1830 (though they had no church). The community derived its’ name from the Biblical ‘Bethel […]

Lyn Cemetery

Lyn Cemetery Origins of the Cemetery and the Union Church The origin of Lyn Cemetery is obscure, but would appear to have originated with the first church, the Union Church, built by the Methodists on the spot where the drive-sheds for the St. John the Baptist (Church of England) were later built, now a parking […]

Pepper Cemetery

Pepper Cemetery / Lucas Cemetery Concession: 10, Lot: 33; Cemetery Status: Closed to further burials  – Twp of Elizabethtown* – GPS- 44.685269, -75.890647- Redan Road north of Addison- Photos taken August 2016       List of Graves Andrew Pepper b 1847 d Feb 11, 1920 Evalina Pepper b 1871 d 1896 Jane Pepper b […]

Glen Buell Cemetery – 1854-1989

Glen Buell Cemetery – 1854-1989 Concession 6, Lot 30 Location: East side of Highway 29, south of Glen Buell – Twp of Elizabethtown*, GPS- 44.634845, -75.838993, , The cemetery is located just north of house number 6065, Cty Rd. 29, dircetly north of the cemetery is a mowed path leading to the cemetery.- photos taken […]

Bolton’s Cemetery – 1833-1955

Bolton’s Cemetery – 1833-1955 Concession 10, Lot 4, Jelly Road, east of Fly Creek Rd- Twp of Elizabethtown*, GPS: 44.765736, -75.787592, Directly beside a house at 11842 Rocksprings Road. Photos taken in August 2016                                             […]

Bell’s Cemetery – 1829-1927

Bell Cemetery – 1829-1927 also known as Bell Crossing Cemetery (Whitehurst Cemetery) Concession: 11, Lot13; Location: Rocksprings Road; Alternate Cemetery Name: Bell Cemetery  (1796-1927)- Twp of Elizabethtown*, GPS: 44.752596,-75.830426 – located next to old Bell’s School now a house on 11654 Rocksprings Road. Many stones are in poor shape, large mound in the centre of the […]

Blanchard’s Cemetery

Blanchard Cemetery Concession 9, Lot 25, Location: east side of Road 7, north of Greenbush (1806-1964) – Twp of Elizabethtown*, GPS: 44.696039,-75.852077 – A little South of Jelly Farm Cemetery on County Road 7                                 Listing of Names on Tombstones […]

The Mining and Chemical Industry in Elizabethtown

The Mining and Chemical Industry in Elizabethtown The “Chemical Road” (now the Old Red Road) received its name because of the early mining operations and because of the Brockville chemical distilling works northwest of Brockville. There were deposits of iron pyrites containing cobalt and sulphur which were mined from 1868 until 1879. At the site […]

St. Lawrence Lodge

St. Lawrence Lodge Opened in 1970, St. Lawrence Lodge is a Long-Term Care Home that overlooks the majestic St. Lawrence River and provides care and support to 224 residents. Serving the citizens of the City of Brockville, the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville, and the separated Towns of Prescott and Gananoque.   The lodge […]

Ontario Hospital

Ontario Hospital  (Brockville Psychiatric Hospital) A little further along Highway No. 2 on the north side you would pass several very impressive large stone buildings encompassed by a stone fence. Depending on the time of the year when you drove by, there would have been men working in fields of vegetables on either side of […]

New Dublin- A Hamlet in Elizabethtown

New Dublin (Lamb’s Pond; Dublin Corners)   Lamb’s Pond was the original name of this settlement, the name being taken from a mile long body of water on the Lamb Homestead.   Nicholas Burns was born in Dublin, Ireland and as a lad of 19, migrated to Canada in 1820. He settled at Lamb’s Pond […]

Cemeteries in Elizabethtown

This listing has been compiled from various sites on the internet. In researching this, we found that no one site contained all of the cemeteries listed below. In the future we will attempt to visit each cemetery and post photos and more information regarding each burial ground.  We by no means, make any claims regarding […]

Early Roads in Elizabethtown

Early wagon traveller praised road As pioneer roads go, the route from Brockville to Perth which split at the hamlet of Forthton (Unionville) was ‘excellent’ in the opinion of a wagon traveller of 1816. Lt.Col. William Cockburn made a long journey in March of that year from Kingston to Brockville via the “King’s Highway” which […]

Brockville and Westport Railroad

Origins of the B&W Railroad  The crying desperate need for a better communications system linking the Rideau country and the St. Lawrence River led to the birth of the Brockville and Westport Railway. On March 4th, 1888 the first train completed its maiden trip from Westport to Brockville. For 64 years, the railway served Leeds […]

Redan – A Forgotten Hamlet in Elizabethtown

Redan An obscure fort which figured in the Crimean War 1854-56, gave this community its name. One of the stumbling blocks to the British assault on the Russian Black Sea port of Sevastopol, was the Redan, a fort in the centre of the bastion’s defences. British troops made two terrific attacks on the Redan, only […]

Redan School – A One Room Schoolhouse in Elizabethtown

Redan School (School Section # 26 – Elizabethtown) (School Section #20 – Kitley)   Redan was settled in the years 1840-1860 by Irish Immigrants. The original inhabitants were the Youngs, the Marshalls, Burnetts, Pritchards, Motts, Richards and Wilsons. The old Richardson homestead here was originally part of a clergy reserve. In 1854 the government released […]

Bolton School- A One Room Schoolhouse in Elizabethtown

Bolton School (School Section # 23) The old Bolton School once stool on the property of Henry White. The school once stood near the Bolton Cemetery on Lot 5 of the Tenth Concession in Elizabethtown.  There were several Berry Families located near the school, and their children made up the larger part of the student […]

Darling Collection Special Events Book #34 I to Z

Darling Scrapbook Special Events Book 34 Name Date Event Inwood, William & Darling, Margaret Theresa Wedding Ireland, Ray & Joyce Jul 21 1999 Anniversary Irwin, Mark & Darling, Kimberly Jun 17 2000 Wedding Ivankovic, Anita & Darling, Timothy Aug-05 Wedding Jackson, Douglas James & Mott, Marguerite Oct 12 1946 Wedding Johnston, Donald V. & Lawson, […]

Darling Collection Special Events Book #34 A to H

Darling Scrapbook Special Events Book 34 Name Date Event Allan, Annamarie Kathleen & Edgley, Grant Oct 27 1979 Engagement Anderson, Emily Carbery & Langmuir, Jack Oct-30 Wedding Andress, George & Blythe Jul 12 2001 Anniversary Andress, George & Blythe Anniversary Arch, Jean Elizabeth & Plumley, James Charles Sep-13 Wedding Ballantyne, Barbara Joan & Bennett, Robert […]

Alma Williams Scrapbook

Alma Williams Scrapbook We have some information on the people listed below Name Date Event Page Blanchard, Arthur Obituary 4 Blanchard, Kenneth Albert, Dr, 1962 Obituary 24 Brown, Ardell & Williams, Howard 1908 Marriage 1 Brown, Lorne N. Obituary 4 Brown, R.M 1930 Obituary 4 Drummond, Robert Holmes & Willows, Eleanor Estelle Marriage 1 Drummond, […]

Lyn Museum Special Events Scrapbook

Lyn Museum Special Events Scrapbook We have some information on the individuals listed below Name Date Event Page Abramine, Hilda & Lewis, William 1962 Marriage 62 Ackerman, Mr & Mrs J. 1973 Anniversary 32 Alguire, Paul & Worden, Teresa 1986 Engagement 10 Alguire, Paulette & Ferguson, Douglas 1979 Marriage 30 Alguire, Sally Marie & Cross, […]

Elizabethtown Township Council Misc. Motion Papers

Loose Motions, unable to determine the specific year 1 that David Manhard be and is hereby appointed path master in road division No 24 in place of Alexandra Buell resigned 1 that the clerk and this council be ordered to lay before this Municipality forthwith all documents and papers in his possession regarding the Brockville […]

Marshalls School – A One Room School House in Elizabethtown

Marshall School  Sectional School No. 17  (SS # 3 – Augusta) Alt. name Gosford School   The first children of the area of Linden Bank went to school in a crude log building, but in 1869 the farmers of the area constructed what became to be known as Marshall School. The school was built out […]

Hawke’s School – A One Room School House in Elizabethtown

Hawke’s School Sectional School No. 27 (Rear of Young SS # 11)   There was a school in Glossville called “Hawke’s School. The school was so named because there were two group of Hawke’s children who attended the school in its early years. One Hawke farm was located north of the school the other farm […]

Hamlets of Elizabethtown

When Elizabethtown was settled by United Empire Loyalist after the American Revolution, not everyone settled along the shores of the St. Lawrence River. Some were given lots in the untamed, forested wilderness in the rear of Elizabethtown, far from the river. They had to make their way with their families and belongings along Indian paths […]

Henry Vyfvinkel – Our People, Our Heritage

Henry Vyfvinkel – Our People, Our History   Henry Vyfvinkel born Hendrik Vijfvinkel in Eindhover, Netherlands on December 13, 1934 was the eldest of five children to parents Zwaantje Vijfvinkel-Zweep and Izak Vijfvinkel. His family was his inspiration in his talent and he credited his own father, who outside of work with Phillips Co was […]

The One Room School House in Elizabethtown

Prior to the closure of the one room school house in the mid 1960’s the rural landscape of Elizabethtown was dotted with wood, stone and brick one room school houses. They served the needs of the families who lived near these schools. Some schools were located on the border with neighbouring townships and were shared […]