The Latimer Collection (Part 4) – The Kodak Generation


The Kodak Generation

In 1900, George Eastman took mass-market photography one step further with the introduction of the Kodak Brownie, a simple and very inexpensive box camera that introduced the concept of the snapshot. The Brownie was extremely popular and various models remained on sale until the 1960s.

Thanks to Kodak, photography became available to everyone, and people were able to capture their “precious memories” forever.



The Latimer Family were no exception with their Kodak. They were now able expand their “photograph albums” from the staged  “studio family portraits” to their every day life.


1918 – Digging potatoes (photo #1)


1918 – House in Lyn (photo #2)











1919- at the mailbox (photo #3)


1920’s Aggie Leacock, Grandma Scott (photo #4)













Deborah Ann Dixie married Ogle R. DeWolfeShe was a sister of Ann and Glady’s Latimer’s Grandmother  (Photo #5)
1923 – Haying Time (photo #6)













1923 – Home at Easter (photo #7)
1923 – Digging Potatoes (Photo #8)










Adella, Grandma, Eric (photo #9)
1923 – Junior W.W. Picnic (photo #10)











1923 – Brockville Collegiate Institute Easter Term L-R Sylvia Howard, Gladys Latimer, Jean Russell, Helen Davidson (photo #11)


BCI Students with the Brocvkille General Hospital in the background; Partial list in no order: Margaret Bissel, Ines Farrell, Dora Thurston, Elsie Fox (photo #12)


BCI Students in Victoria Park L-R: Edna Osborne, Bessie Billings, Grace Cole, Catherine Neilson, Keitha Hyde; Bessie Ralish (photo #13)











1923 – BCI Cadet Inspection Day (photo #14)


Everetts, Uncle Dick Latimer, Uncle Bob Latimer (photo #15)
Geraldine Percival (married Stewart)(photo #16)












L-R: Florence Dobbs, Herb Leacock, Mamma, Anna (photo #17)
Glenn Buell Home (photo #18)










Back Row: Uncle Roy Scott, Aunt Lena, Adella Latimer, Aunt Annie, Uncle Wat, Lytle James Latimer, Grandma; children: Anne Latimer (Nyland), Eric Scott, Della Scott and Helen Scott cchildren of Roy and Lena Scott (photo #19)
Grandma Margaret Scott, (mother of Adella and Roy Scott) with her grandchildren Anne Latimer (Nyland), Della, Eric & Helen  Scott (photo #20)













Grandma and Anna (photo #21)



Back Row: Uncle Roy Scott, Lytle James Latimer, Aunt Lena, Deborah Adella Latimer, Uncle Walt, Aunt Annie, Grandma Scott. Children: Eric, Della, Helen. seated Geraldine Percival with Anna (photo #22)












L-R: Mother, Alice Pettem, Marion Lyons, Mrs. Rowsome. Mac McCready, Isobel Lyons, Flo McMillan, Anna & I; Hay, Tom, Daisy & Geraldine Percival (photo #23)


Unknown woman (photo #24)
Unknown woman and child (photo #25)











Relaxing after dinner (photo #26)
Unknown (photo #27)











Unknown (Photo #28)
Haying (photo #29)











Unknown (photo #30)


Unknown (photo #31)
unknown (photo #32)











Gladys Latimer with children (photo #33)


Thanksgiving November 11, 1923 L-R: Muriel Slack, Unk, Olga Hislop, Anna Latimer; Marion Dundell (photo #34)










Names in no order: Herb, Florence Dobbs, Aggie, Adella Scott (Latimer), Lytle James Latimer,Grandma Scott, Eric Dobbs (Florence’s son) (photo # 35)


Anna, age 3, and her father Lytle James Latimer (photo # 36)
Anna Latimer (photo #37)












Anna Latimer (photo #38)
Anna Latimer and her dog Laddie (photo #39)












Laurence, Gerald, Anne (photo #40)
Nina Gladys Latimer (photo #41)











April 1924 – Muriel Slack and Olga Hislop (photo #42)


Uncle Bob’s house in Beamsville, Ontario (photo #43)
Uncle Bob’s house in Beamsville, Ontario (photo #44)











Uncle Richard Latimer (brother of L.J.Latimer)(photo #45)
Lytle James Latimer visiting his daughter Anne Nyland nee Latimer in Essex County, ON (photo #46)














Nina Gladys Latimer (photo #47)
Unknown (photo #48)












Gladys Latimer fishing (photo #49)
Gladys Latimer Fishing (photo #50)












George Nobes in Ottawa June 1, 1940 (photo #51)
Oprah Hudson and Anna Latimer (photo #52)












Anna Latimer 2nd from left (photo # 53)


Unknown (photo #54)











Canon Harry Coleman on the left the rest are unknown (photo #55)
Unknown (photo #56)









Unknown (photo #57)
Unknown (photo #58)









Unknown (photo #59)
Unknown (photo #60)









Unknown (photo #61)
Unknown (photo #62)












Unknown (photo #63)
Unknown (photo #64)












Unknown in front of Cedarholm (photo #65)
Unknown (photo #66)









Adella Latimer (photo #67)
Unknown (photo #68)











Mary Green and her children (photo #69)
Mary Green and her children (photo #70)












Unknown (photo #71)
Unknown (photo #72)











Lytle James Latimer (photo #73)
Stanley Orville and his wife (photo #74)












Margery and Gladys Latimer at Sheeks Island (photo #75)
Gladys Latimer betwween two unknown friends (photo #76)












50th Wedding Celebration for Uncle Roy Scott and Aunt Lena at St. Lawrence Park in Brockville, ON

L-R Della, Helen, Aunt Lena Scott, Uncle Roy Scott, Eric Scott and Adella Latimer Photo #77)


Unknown (photo #78)


Adella and Lytle Latimer with Gerald and Anna at Ed Tennant’s House (photo #79)



is a brand name for a non-substantive, color reversal film introduced by Eastman Kodak in 1935. It was one of the first successful color materials and was used for both cinematography and still photography. (Wikipedia)


L-R Gladys, Unknown, Adella and Lytle James Latimer  1953 (photo #80)


55th Wedding Anniversary 1957 L-R Unk, Adella and Lytle Latimer, Mrs. Maley, Mae McCrady (Scott) (photo #81)


Adella Latimer  1959 (photo #82)










Adella Latimer and her daughter Anne Nylan (photo #83)
Adella and Gladys Latimer (Photo #84)












Anne Latimer on right, 1951 (photo #85)
Gladys Latimer and her dog Pat 1951 (photo #86)












Adella and Lytle James Latimer 1955 (photo #87)
Adella Latimer (photo #88)









Adella and Lytle James Latimer 1955 (photo #89)


Minister, Adella Latimer, Anne and Herman Nyland July 29, 1961; Anne and Herman’s wedding (photo #90)
Gladys Latimer with her daughter Anne Nyland Sept 20, 1965 (photo #91)













Adella’s Birthday L-R Blanche, Betty, Pauline, Adella and Gladys (photo #92)
Gladys Latimer 84th Birthday June 11, 1991 (photo #93)












Deborah Adella Latimer nee Scott in her garden (photo #94)


Additional information for the Latimer Genealogy:


Note written by Gladys Latimer to Anne Nyland (undated)

Mrs. W. cut a squash for me this a.m. and I cut vegetables to go in the soup. We put away the Christmas things that go upstairs; unused cards, tablemats, tablecloths serviettes. My violets are dying, one after the other for no apparent reason.

Aunt Debbie DeWolfe was a Dixie. Grandmother Scott’s full sister, also full brother Uncle Tom. He married a Dobbs and took over the Dobb’s place. His wife had 2 sisters, not married, one very bad with asthma who lived there. Mother boarded with them when she taught the school in the Dobbs settlement. They had no children and as Uncle Tom got older, little Billie Dixie came to live there. He was the son of great grandfather’s second wife. He and Mother were about the same age even though he was Grandma Scott’s half brother. He and Mother had a great time together, lots of fun and she says she thinks these old sisters had never known what fun was before. Mother& Billie never lost that close friendship and Mother was very fond of his wife, Nellie.

Aunt Debbie had one son, Charlie. He was seriously wounded in the first world war, a head wound, had a plate in it. At times it would press on his brain and he took what was called “high dives” He married a RC from Montreal; they had no children. Mother said he used his wife terribly, made a will trying to prevent her from getting anything but she got a share by law. She gave mother some goblets and a very old tiny pitcher. Uncle Og DeWolfe worked in the brickyard where the Prince of Wales School is now.

Another family of DeWolfs had a Dixie for a mother. I don’t know if a sister. They had a daughter Lori, married to a Cowan who had a daughter Rita, married to a Tisdale who used to come to Lily Bay every summer. Also there was a son “Ur” and he was Bernice Nicol’s father. When I can get to talk to Lawrence Dixie he will tell me that connection.

Marion H. and I went to see Mrs. B last Mon. but I told Mario it was the last in the winter. The parking lot is all on a slant. Wed. I went down and renewed a GLC, got home just before the storm began ? . If this bores you tell me because when I write I don’t tell other things. Love Nina