Hutton’s School – A One Room Schoolhouse in Kitley

Hutton’s School

 (School Section No. 1)


School location on map from 1861-62

Concession #1, Lot 7, built late 1870’s (see map)

Present address is 852 Kitley Line 7


Little to nothing is known about this school.

“It is presumed that the present stone structure was erected in the late 1870’s or sometime thereafter. It is also safe to presume that an earlier school of log construction was in the area by the late 1850’s. According to the Brockville Recorder a petition for $250. for the benefit to the school was made in 1882. In 1883 the school section was assessed at five and a half mills for money for the school. The teacher in 1882 was Minnie McEwan, and in 1883 was Jenny Bowser.” (“Kitley 1795-1975” by Dr. Glenn Lockwood

If anyone has any photos or additional information on this school we would appreciate hearing from you.


Hutton’s School – from “Kitley 1795-1975” (photo #1)


Hutton’s School in 2012 (photo #2)
Hutton’s School in 2012 (photo #3)