Howard School – A One Room School House in Elizabethtown

Howard School

(School Section #6)

Location of school map of 1861-62


On the 12th Day of October 1861, a parcel of land was purchased on which to build the Howard School.  The indenture was between Andrew Donaldson and his wife Eliza and the School Section number 6 in the township of Elizabethtown, for a sum of sixty dollars. The parcel of land was described on the indenture as a part of the rear of the east half of Lot number twenty three in the Second Concession in the Township of Elizabethtown. In 1946 a well and pump were installed. ( Board of Trustees Annual report for 1946)


School Superintendents Report (Ontario Archives)

Shows the following information, which in some cases contradicts what we have already researched, and contradicts other filed School Superintendents Reports:

1850: no information except: condition: Not Good

1854: Frame building, first opened in 1850


This school has been turned into a home and is located at 3439 Centennial Rd. (County Rd 27


1928 (abt) includes Jean and Helen Hudson (photo #1)


1928, May 4th – Grace Howard and Dora Braun (Photo #2)


1928 – Front Row: Inez Dixie, Eugene Bak, Margaret Foster, Ruth Crandall, Zigman Bak 2nd Row; Helen Parslow, Marjorie Parslow, Boddy Dixie, Unk, Arthur Howard, Frances Hudson 3rd Row: Walter Bak, Mabel Wright, Velma Edgeley, Margaret Latham, Rennie Howard 4th Row: Teddy Crandall Back Row: Jean Hudson (photo #3)


1928 Front Row: Grant Hudson, Dorothy Howard, Dorothy Parslow, Renie Howard, Helen Parslow, Harold Dunster, Arthur Howard, Mabel Wright
Back Row: Gladys Howard, Helen Hudson, Grace Howard, Dora Braun, Jean Hudson, Ruth Crandall (photo #4)



1928-, May – Ruth Braun and Ruth Crandall (photo #5)


1928 – Ted Crandall and Rennie Howard (photo #6)


1929 June 1- Ruth Braun, Ruth Crandall. Gladys Howard (photo #7)


1929, June – Grant Hudson, Rennie Howard, Harold Dunster (photo #8)


1932 abt – Howard School Boys (photo #9)


1933 – Claude Parslow and Ronnie Horton (photo #10)


1933 – Marion Mills, Hazel Reynolds, Josephine Mills, Claude Parslow, Joe Hudson, Betty Horton, Ronnie Horton (photo #11)


1933 – Howard School (Photo #12)


1933 – Betty Horton, Marion Mills, Hazel Reynolds, Josephine Mills, Claude Parslow, Ron Horton (photo #13)


1933 – Ronnie Horton, Claude Parslow, Joe Hudson (photo #14)


1935 abt. – Front Row: Marjorie Parslow, Lois Brown, Mildred Parslow Middle Row: Velma Edgeley, Mable Wright, Helen Parslow, Patricia Edgeley Back Row: Dorothy Howard, Dorothy Parslow, Lilian McClelland, Jean McCelland (photo #15)


1935- Jean McClelland and Ruth Crandall (photo #16)


1935 (photo #17)


1935- Front Row: Velma Edgeley, Helen Parslow, Mildred Parslow, Edna Wright or Lois Braun
Back Row: Dorothy Howard, Dorothy Howard, Mabel Wright. Lillian McClelland, Jean McClelland, Margaret Purvis (Teacher) (photo #18)


1935 –Front Row: Velma Edgeley, Marjorie Parslow; Dorothy Howard, Helen Parslow, Edna Wright or Louis Braun
Back Row: Dorothy Parslow, Mabel Wright, Lillian McClelland, Jean McClelland, Marjorie Purvis (Teacher), Patricia Edgeley (photo #19)


1945c- Howard School Children (photo #20)


1947 abt.-Kneeling: Mary Jobson, Frank Worden
First Row: Deltra Jobson, Fay Burns, Clifford Horton, Ruth McInnes, Wilma Chapman
Second Row: Robert Hudson, George Worden, Bill Murray, Ronald Coville, Donald Murray, James Jobson
Third Row: Unk Mills, John Horton, Eleanor Baker, Phyllis Horton, William McInnes
Back Row: Margaret Lafaver, Betty Horton (photo #21)



1950 abt. – Front Row: Gary Murray, Alan Burns, Boyd Halladay, Wayne Baker, Bob Baker, Donaald Murray, Jack VanDusen, Bill Russel, Bill Murray, Keith Serson, Jr. O’Tolle Middle Row: Viola McInnes, Donna Murray, Margaret McInnes, Lois Serson, Donna Coville, Faye Burns, Helen serson, Mary Jobson, Unk, Genevieve O’Toole Back Row: Ruth McInnes, Raymond Coville, Don VanDusen, Bill McInnes, John Horton, Jim Jobson, Ronald Coville, Adeleigh VaanDusen, Deltra Jobson Teacher: Agnes Mulrooney (photo #22)


1952 – School Choir- Lions Club Festival Front Row: Don Murray, Faye Burns, Mary Jobson, Alan Burns, Dona Murray, Viola McInnes, Margaret McInnes, Gary Murray Back Row: Jack VanDusen, Deltra Jobson, Raymond Coville, Bill Russel, Sherry Lockwood, Myrna Nunn, Wayne Baker, Donna Coville (photo #23)




1953 – Front Row: Charlie Jobson, Jery Jbson, Barbara Easter, Marilyn Nunn, Doug Nunn, Pery Coville, Doug Murray, Marie McInnes, Wayne Easter, Sharon Easter, Jean McInnes, Howard Reid, Gary Murray, Ann Burns Middle Row: Jack VanDusen, Don VanDusen, Dennis Coville, Raymond Coville, Peter Knapp, Unk, Viola McInnes, Donna Murray, Myrna Nunn, Sherry Lockheed, Margaret McInnes, Wayne Baker Back Row: Donald Murray, Bill Russell, Donna Coville, Mary Jobson, Deltra Jobson, Faye Burns Teacher: Johnny Yates (photo #24)


School Picnic – September 1961

(Photo #25)


(Photo #26)


Presentation of gift to Amanda Willey who taught at the school from 1957 to 1960 (Photo #27)


(photo #28)


(photo #29)


Howard School, year unknown (photo #30)


1910 Attendance Record (photo #31)


1921, January Attendance Record (photo #32)


1931 Honour Roll from the Recorder and Times (photo #33)


1945-46 Attendance Summary (photo #34)


1951 Attendance Report (photo #35)


1963 Daily Attendance Record (photo #36)


1932 – Anna Hudson’s Teaching Contract (photo #37)



Partial Listing of Teachers at The Howard School:

1910 J.L.Bolton

1910 Lillie B. Brown

1911 Hattie Davidson

1912 Violet M. Spenee [sic]

1914 Janet Purvis

1914 A. Graham

1915 Jean Coss [sic]

1916 F.B. Boyd

1921 Beatrice Avery

1921 Edna Waghorn

1922 Ruby Morris

1923 Norma Bishop

1924 A.M. Pettem

1925 A.M. Pettem

1926 Mary M. Brown

1927 A.M. Hudson

1928 A.M. Hudson

1929 A.M. Hudson

1930 Louise Booth

1932 Anna Hudson (yearly salary $800.)

1933 Margaret Raphael Purvis (yearly salary $500.)

1935 Louise Elizabeth Booth

1938 Florence Mary Ware

1941 Florence Kathleen Sager

1943 Clara Annie Lawson

1945 Edna Irene Blake

1948 Agnes Mulrooney

1951 Jack Tennant

1954 W.P. Edgie [sic]

1955 Mrs. Raymond Howe

1956 Sylvia Sayers

1957 Amanda Willey

1958 Amanda Willey

1959 Amanda Willey

1960 Amanda Willey

1961 Judy Ballisle

1962 Judy Ballisle

1963 Norma M. Wiltse


If anyone has any additional photos or information on this school we would appreciate hearing from you.