Post Cards – General Greeting

Postcards were a chance for people to send “best wishes” for special occasions to their family and friends, or just to keep in touch. The postage on these cards was cheaper than a letter and the cost of the card less than that of an actual birthday or Christmas card as we know them today.

It was a way to stay in tough with friends and family and sometimes send an occasional bit of humour through the mail. These postcards give us a very accurate snapshot of the humour and attitudes of the people of that time, they give us a look into what daily life was like.

While our collection is small, we wanted to share with you what those who sent these to their family and friends back home.

(If you notice the upper left hand corner on some cards is missing, as a stamp collector removed the stamp)

We are always interested in increasing our collection so that we may share with everyone this glimpse into our past. If you have postcards there are three ways in which you could share them with us:

1) a direct donation to the museum

2) loan them to us, we will scan them and return the originals to you

3) if you have a digital image you can send it to us at our email address:


All Kind Thoughts – To wish you many happy days
Good Luck be with you
Best Wishes
Love like mine knows no shrinking of you I am ever thinking.


A Winter’s Day
Sirder (?)
Miss Maude Fealy; Miss Marie Studholme; Miss Lily Hanbury and Miss Gertie Millar


Maude Fealy (March 4, 1883 – November 9, 1971) was an American Stage and silent film actress whose career survived into the talkie era. (Wikipedia)

Caroline Maria Lupton (10 September 1872 – 10 March 1930), better known by the stage name Marie Studholme, was an English actress and singer known for her supporting and sometimes starring roles in Victorian and Edwardian musical comedy. Her attractive features made her one of the most popular postcard beauties of her day. (Wikipedia)

Lily Hanbury (1873 – 5 March 1908) was an English stage performer. Hanbury was born Lilian Florence Alcock, the daughter of Elizabeth (née Davis) and Matthew Henry Alcock.[2] Educated in London, her début was in an 1888 revival of  W.S. Gilbert’s Pygmalion and Galatea; and later she appeared on most of the leading stages of the English metropolis. Her extensive repertory included, ‘Countess Wintersen’ in The Stranger; ‘Hetty Preene’ in G.R.Sim’s Lights o’ London; and ‘Petra’ in Ibsen’s Enemy of the People. (Wikipedia)

Gertrude “Gertie” Ward, Countess of Dudley (née “Millar”) (21 February 1879 – 25 April 1952) was an English actress and singer of the early 20th century, known for her performances in Edwardian musicial comedies under her maiden name, Gertie Millar. (Wikipedia)



A flower bouquet
Why – Why do so many folks we like dwell in a distant land, While folks we care much less about we meet on every hand.
Wording written in glitter
Mayflowers blooming around them, Filling the air with a strange and wonderful sweetness
A girl and her pet cat
Dear Heart c1908
A Canadian Park Scene- The Maple Leaf for Ever





Harvesting a profitable crop of Onions


Love’s Symbols- Violets, “Faithfulness” If in your Coat this flower I see, I’ll know you’re faithful still to me.


When the Fields are White with Daisies- “Once again the sun shines brightly and the world is white with bloom, And a girlish heart is breaking with its pain. For the news she hears next morning The the ship which sailed away, Would be anchored in harbour ne’er again” 1907
At Break of Day – May break of day when nights dark and gloom is spent. Bring happy hours for you and sweet content.
L’Envon – When earth’s last picture is painted, And the tubes are twisted and dried. When the oldest colors have faded, And the youngest critic has died, We shall rest and faith, we shall need in, Lie down for an aeon or two, Till the master of All Good Workmen, Shall set to work anew,
I’m Popular with the


Yah, dere iss plenty of choyful times in Lyn, undt maybe ve dont meet a policeman
Greetings from Lyn
Greetings from Lyn
I‘ve been lonesome ever since I came to Lyn, All because you aren’t along
I’d be completely happy in Lyn, if you were here!
The kind we raise in our state
Hearty Congratuatios


A ship at sea