Redan – News from the Village – 1926

The Athens Reporter- excerpts have been taken from this newspaper for the year – 1926. The original newspapers are in the archives of the Heritage House Museum, Athens, Ontario Redan , Jan 25th, 1926 Miss Laura Loucks spent the week-end at home in Smiths Falls. Mrs. Mildred Pritchard has returned after having visited relatives in […]

Gosford – A Forgotten Hamlet in Elizabethtown

Gosford This old community, lying in both Elizabethtown and Augusta Townships is reached by the Gosford Road which leads off the Brockville-North Augusta road eight miles northeast of Brockville. The early history of this old Elizabethtown township community has been lost in the mists of time, but it is known that settlers were living here […]

Glossville – A Forgotten Hamlet in Elizabethtown

Glossville The motorist passes through the former hamlet of Glossville so fast that they don’t realize that they just passed through a bit of Elizabethtown history. Probably 100 to 125 years ago, Glossville was in its glory. But when the oldest residents of the area were in their childhood, the name of Glossville was already […]

Shiloh – A Forgotten Hamlet in Elizabethtown

Shiloh  (Bell’s Crossing) The hamlet of Shiloh is located at the intersection of Shiloh Road and the road to Rocksprings. The old Bolton School once stool on the property of Henry White. The school once stood near the Bolton Cemetery on Lot 5 of the Tenth Concession in Elizabethtown. A Methodist church was built here […]