Anson McNish – Photographs of his daughter Florence Catherine

Anson McNish was born in Lyn, Ontario, the son of George McNish owner of the Lyn Agricultural Works and Almira Jane Fell.

Anson was a mechanic by trade, but also an Amateur Photographer. As an amateur photographer, Anson has given us some very fine detailed pictures with glimpses into his life and surroundings.

Anson married Antoinette (Nettie) Brookman, in Fultonville, NY on August 10, 1910. Together they had one daughter Florence Catherine who was born on Dec 3, 1913 in Weston, Ontario and unfortunately died at the early age of 15 on April 16, 1928 in Fultonville, NY

These photos are of his daughter Florence, who from the photographs taken was loved by both Anson and Nettie. It must have been a great loss for both of them when she died in 1928 at the young age of 15.

Florence McNish is buried along with her mother in the Fultonville, NY cemetery.

Here are some of the photos that Anson took of his daughter, Florence.

1-Anson, Nettie and daughter Florence – 1914


2-Nettie and daughter Florence- 1914


3-Florence and Friends in Weston, Ontario- 1914


4-Florence at 7 months- June, 1914


5-Florence – 1914


6-Florence- 1914 at home in Weston, Ontario
7-Florence- in her swing at her Weston Home – 1914











8-Bath Time -1914






11-Florence waiting for a push


12-Nettie and Florence, Weston, July 1916



13-September 1916 going for a ride


14-Florence – January 1917


15-Florence with her dolls -1917


16-Summer- 1917


17-Family and Friends in Weston, Ontario


18-Nettie and Florence at their Weston home


19-Florence on the right and a friend, Weston, Ontario


20-Florence – Weston
21-Florence- Weston











22-Florence and her dolls



23-Florence- in her hat
24-Florence getting ready for winter










25-Florence in a field with a friendly calf




27-Florence and her mother Nettie


28-Florence and friends- Weston, Ontario, note the toy train in the ground


29-Florence with her chickens in their Weston, Ontario back yard


30-Florence and Friends


31-Can Florence come out to play ? Both little girls are Florence, Anson took two photos and split the negatives to get this effect.


32-Florence in the middle on their porch hammock


33-Florence and friends, notice how dressed up they are to play in sand


34-Florence and family at their Weston, Ontario home


35-Florence- Tea time


36-Florence with her doll carriage


37-Florence in 1921 at age 7


38-Florence in the middle, with her mother Nettie and father Anson behind her to the left


39-Florence at home in Futtonville, New York


40-Florence at the bridge over the Hudson River, in 1924 age 11


41-This is the last known photo we have of Florence. She died in 1928 at the age of 15. She is buried with her mother in the cemetery in Fultonville, NY