Elizabethtown-Kitley Fire Department History

A Brief History of the Elizabethtown-Kitley Fire Department

From the very beginning to the Present

Our township is located along the St. Lawrence River and our municipality surrounds the City of Brockville, Ontario Canada. We amalgamated with our neighboring township of Kitley on January 1st, 2001 and are now the Township of Elizabethtown-Kitley and cover an area of 590 sq kilometers. We have 3 fire stations with 1 full time Fire Chief, 1 full time Administrative Assistant and 1 part time Fire Prevention Officer, along with 60 volunteer firefighters. We house 4 Tankers, 4 Pumpers, 3 Rescue units, 1 Medical Van, and 2 Club Cab Trucks.

Elizabethtown Fire Department was established in 1963 at 26 Main St. W. in the Village of Lyn, a second station was a converted two bay garage. Kitley Fire Department was established in the Village of Frankville in 1965.

The following is historical information on both Elizabethtown and Kitley Fire Departments


  1. Who were the first members of each fire department, Elizabethtown & Kitley?


Dave McCrady-Chief              Earle Miller-DC          Arnold Ladd                Ivan Cross

George Williams                     Herb Simpson              Frank Willows             William Murray

George Bycroft                       Cliff Churchill             Gerald Coon               Ron Flood                  

Allan Hanna                            Don Jowett                  Ron Murphy                Alf McDonald

Norm Reynolds                        Don Toohey                 Don White                   Frank VanDusen

Eddy Casselman, Clarence Hoare, Don Toohey, Frank Willows, Doug Jowett, Matt Bonokoski, Herb             Dewar, Jack Darling, Bill Gaskell, Huge McClintock, Don Mott, Roy Bradley, Bill Empey, Ron Cross,      Joe Cirtwell     



Gerald E. Moran- Chief          Gib Johnston               Charlie Smith              Garnet Baker

Borden Armstrong                  Ray Bennett                 James Dawson            Arthur Ferguson

Allan Mercier                          Gerald Sands              Doug Bryan                 James Rae J.R.

Victor Johnston                       Guy Johnston              Marshall Davidson      Ray Ireland

Gordie Brundige                     Ronald Eaton              Basil Beaupre              Gerald Lawson

Earl Sands                               Gerald Mercier           Gerald S. Moran         Jack Wilkinson

Ken Baker                               Jack Hanton   


  1. Who were the Fire chiefs of each fire department, Elizabethtown & Kitley?

Elizabethtown-            Dave McCrady          1963-1967

                                    George Williams        1967-1979

                                    Don White                  1979-1989

                                    Jim Donovan              1989-2001

Kitley-                         Gerald E. Moran        1965-1967

                                    Ray Ireland                1967-1989

                                    Ken Baker                  1989-2001

Elizabethtown –Kitley            Jim Donovan              2001- Present


  1. Who are the fire chiefs today, and their role and duties?

           Fire Chief Jim Donovan,   Deputy Fire Chief  Andy Guilboard

A chief (and/or his/her designate) is the person who is ultimately responsible to Council and is appointed to deliver Fire Protection Services as set out by the municipality for the residents. They are also appointed by the Province to enforce the Fire Protection and Prevention Act and the Ontario Fire Code.

 The 2017 Fire fighters are,Barb Brownell – Fire Administration 1995-present

           Doug Andress          Daniel Ashe             Randy Beaupre                  Gerry Bell    

           Brad Buchanan        Rachel Bond           Cody Burridge                    Donna Carty                       Dillon Champagne  Lisa Charbonneau Jesse Dentz                         Mike Dunster                      Derrick Empey          Tom Evans               Adam Findlay                      Andrew Flood         Gary Foster                        Dave Goguen          Steven Goguen                   Paul Gordon                        Andy Guilboard     Ryan Healey                        Aaron Heidemann              Steve Helmus                      Derrik Hill            Matt Huskinson      Bill Johnston                       Michael Jonker       Alfred Kelly              Tyler Knapp                       David Laliberte                    Brian Lawson          Dakota Layng          Nathan Leclair           David Loney                          Andrew Malanka     Dylan Maud              Alan Merkley            Steve Moore                                    Dan Noel                   Brian Normandin    Chris Paul                Zack Paul                  Pascal Peladeau    

           Eric Perrin                  Jeremy Renkema   Michael Rowntree              Jeff Sargent             Chad Scott  Matt Shaw                Tim Slusarchuk                  Gerry Smith             

           Jeff Smith                   Matthew Spencer   Jamie St. Pierre                   Owen Stevens

           Scott Tedford            Tim Tedford             Brian Triemstra                   Mark Weldon           Cory Wilson                       Matt Worden                        Michael Yates                                             


  1. Number of fire and rescue call per year?

Approximately 210 calls per year


  1. What is the average number of hours spent attending fire and rescue call per year?

           Total Hours for 2016- 9,503


  1. How many hours are spent in training per year?

           Training Hours for 2016 – 3,723.5 hours


  1. List the awards the department has won locally, regional, provincially?

Extrication Team- The team was established in 1999 and since has competed in 13 regional competitions and 5 international competitions.

In 2008 the extrication team hosted the Eastern Ontario Extrication Competition in Frankville.


           Fire Fit Team – Riverfest 2008-Placing First.  2008 Ingleside – Fastest Relay Team

           2008 – Canadian Nationals- Fastest Volunteer Relay in Canada


  1. What Fund-raising activities dose the fire department do? and what do they use the money for?

                        Fund Raising – Chicken BBQ, Fish Fry, MD Boot Drive

                        Fire Fighter’s Association

Both, the Elizabethtown and the Kitley Fire Fighter Associations still actively fund raise to assist in the purchasing of equipment, sponsoring local youth recreation activities and donating to local charities (MD). They participated in parades throughout the Counties again this year.


  1. What is the fire department Mission Statement/Motto?



The primary mission of the Township of Elizabethtown-Kitley Fire & Emergency Services is to provide a range of programs to protect the lives and property of the inhabitants of the Township of Elizabethtown-Kitley from the adverse effects of fires, sudden medical emergencies or exposure to dangerous conditions created by man or nature.

Our Family, Helping Yours


The above information was provided by the Elizabethtown-Kitley Fire Department