Anson McNish – Weston, ON- Family and Friends

Weston, Ontario 1907 to 1920

Anson McNish was born in Lyn, Ontario, the son of George McNish owner of the Lyn Agricultural Works and Almira Jane Fell.

Anson was a mechanic by trade, but also an Amateur Photographer. As an amateur photographer, Anson has given us some very fine detailed pictures with glimpses into his life and surroundings.

Anson married Antoinette (Nettie) Brockman, in Fultonville, NY on August 10, 1910. Together they had one daughter Florence Catherine who was born in 1913 and unfortunately died at the early age of 15 in 1928. Nettie and Florence are prominent features in most of his photographs.

His photography was way above average for his time and his attention to detail is exceptional. He has given us a glimpse into everyday life in Weston.

These photos are from the time Anson lived in Weston, Ontario from 1907 to 1920. During that time he worked at the Moffat Stove Works in Toronto.

1-Anson, Nettie and daughter Florence


2-Florence at 6 months at their Weston Home


3-Florence’s first Christmas, at their Weston Home


4-Florence at Christmas, date unknown


5-Florence in the middle and friends


6-Antoinette McNish in front of their Weston home


7-Friends gathering


8-Bicycle Club, Weston


9-Friends at the Weston Home


10-Florence’s Friends


11-Florence and her chickens


12-Can Florence come out to play ?


13-Ready for a drive


14-Friends, Kate and Henry Best on their motorcycle. The bike looks like a c1908 Excelsior


15-Harry Rhodes, Comedian. According to Circus a Harry Rhodes signed a contract with Ed. C. Abbey’s Colombian Circus, Feb 24, 1894


16-Harry Rhodes, Comedian


17-Cecil Metcalfe, Comedian


18-Wedding of Kate Best and Henry Lee, November 1914 Kate Best was Anson’s cousin.


19-Lee’s Family Home


20-The Lee family


21-A walk in the Spring


22-Warner Durward Keeping warm by the stove



23-The end of the war – 1918