Riverside Park Ice Skating

Riverside Park Ice Skating Rink

Across from the mink farm, during the winters of the 1930’s was an open air skating rink that was enjoyed by both the people of Brockville and Elizabethtown.

Located on the south side of the highway, across from the Lyn Road, the rink was lit up at night and if you wanted something hot to drink the Dew Drop Inn was located just to the east of the rink.


Riverside Park c1930
Riverside Park c1930
Dew Drop Inn c1935

This ice skating rink was started by Victor deCarle. He had a strong interest in the development of young hockey players, and formed the Riversides Hockey Club. This eventually led to the building of a large open air hockey and skating rink opposite the Dew Drop Inn, a short distance west of Brockville. He not only engineered the preliminary preparations for the rink, but actively engaged in its construction. (The Brockville Recorder)