Coad’s School – A One Room Schoolhouse in Kitley

Coad’s School

Originally called Dack’s School

 (School Section No. 6)


Concession #4, Lot 17, built early 19th Century (see map)



The former Coad’s school, a stone building, was erected in 1875, replacing the earlier log cabin school. The school had originally been named for the Dack Family, but adopted the name of Coad in the 1850’s.

Dack’s school was built on Lot 17 of Concession 4 about 1830, a simple log structure with unpainted interior walls and austere benches and desks.

“The early log structure served its purpose until the 1870’s when it was repleced by a stone structure known as Coad’s chool. Robert Ferguson was the school teacher in 1872, and during that same year, a petition in the Brockville Recorder, requested $320. for school expenses. The following year another petition asked for $210. During the middle years of the 20th Century, the small school was closed and finally purchased by the Orange Lodge in 1949.

(Kitley 1795-1975 by Glenn Lockwood)

Coad’s School- photo by Hans-Ulrich Raffelt taken April 2017 (photo #1)


Coad’s School (photo Glenn Lockwoods book “Kitley 1795-1975) (photo #2)