Anson McNish – Niagara Falls, Ontario

Photos from Niagara Falls, Toronto and Southern Ontario 1907 to 1920

Anson McNish was born in Lyn, Ontario, the son of George McNish owner of the Lyn Agricultural Works and Almira Jane Fell.

Anson was a mechanic by trade, but also an Amateur Photographer. As an amateur photographer, Anson has given us some very fine detailed pictures with glimpses into his life and surroundings.

Anson married Antoinette (Nettie) Brockman, in Fultonville, NY on August 11, 1910. Together they had one daughter Florence Catherine who was born in 1913 and unfortunately died at the early age of 15 in 1928. Nettie and Florence are prominent features in most of his photographs.

His photography was way above average for his time and his attention to detail is exceptional. He has given us a glimpse into everyday life in Weston.

These photos are from the time Anson lived in Weston, Ontario from 1907 to 1920. During that time he worked at the Moffat Stove Works in Toronto.

1-Lincoln Beachey’s Air Ship at Toronto, Ontario. The crowds gathering to watch his performance.


2-Toronto Bay (Harbour) This may be Hanlan’s Point amusement park on the Toronto Island


3-The Old Toronto Zoo, located in Cabbagetown between 1888 and 1974 it was the site of the Riverdale Zoo.


4-Polar Bear at the Old Toronto Zoo


5- Queen’s Park, The Ontario Legislator, Toronto, Ontario


6-University Avenue Armoury, the centre of Militia activities in Toronto from 1891 until it was demolished in 1963


7-Central Canada Exhibition, Toronto,  Moffat Stove Exhibit


8-Central Canada Exhibition, Toronto – Alberta Display


9-Brock Monument at Queenston Heights


10-Niagara Falls taken from Goat Island, showing the Honeymoon Bridge aka Upper Steel Arch Bridge destroyed in 1938


11-Close to the Falls


12-Standing at the edge of the falls


13-Sitting by the Falls


14-A Catwalk to the edge of the falls


15-The Grand Trunk Single Arch Double Track Steel Bridge


16-Whirpool Rapids Railroad Bridge, constructed between 1895 and 1897. Notice the tram to the left foreground that would be part of the Niagara, St. CAtherines and Toronto Railway


17-Close to the edge


18-James McNish by the Falls. James Frederick McNish (1876-1956) worked for the US Post Office in Missouri


19-James McNish and May by the Falls


20-At the bottom of the Falls


21-Whirpool Rapids