Booth Burying Ground

Booth Burying Ground Concession: 4, Lot: 32; Location: Seeley’s, on the west side of Perth Road between Kilkenny Road and Howe Road; Cemetery Status: Closed to further burials – Twp of Elizabethtown*, GPS: 44.584538,- 75.805278                         Also buried here is Mathew Booth 1796-1852 and […]

Brockville Cemeteries

The Brockville Cemeteries The cemetery comprises 14 acres of land on either side of the highway. It has been owned and operated by the City of Brockville since 1860, when all the older in-town cemeteries were closed and the graves moved into this area. The land was purchased from the Grant Family. The land south […]

Fulford Pioneer Cemetery

Fulford Pioneer Cemetery Concession: 1, Lot: 28; Location: at the south end of Fulford Point Road, west of Brockville , established in 1786 – Twp of Elizabethtown*, GPS- 44.541371, -75.750953 Anyone visiting this cemetery should respect the  “No Parking” signs as this is private property.                       […]

Foxton Cemetery – 1832-1970

Foxton Cemetery – 1832-1970 Concession: 4, Lot: 14; Location: North-East of Tincap, on Airport Rd; Alternate Cemetery Name: Glazier – Twp of Elizabethtown*, GPS: 44.634215, -75.749818, Near 4522 Airport Road                     List of Grave sites from the Brockville Genealogical Society   Last First Died Comments Aged/Born […]

Lyn Cemetery

Lyn Cemetery Origins of the Cemetery and the Union Church The origin of Lyn Cemetery is obscure, but would appear to have originated with the first church, the Union Church, built by the Methodists on the spot where the drive-sheds for the St. John the Baptist (Church of England) were later built, now a parking […]

Glen Buell Cemetery – 1854-1989

Glen Buell Cemetery – 1854-1989 Concession 6, Lot 30 Location: East side of Highway 29, south of Glen Buell – Twp of Elizabethtown*, GPS- 44.634845, -75.838993, , The cemetery is located just north of house number 6065, Cty Rd. 29, dircetly north of the cemetery is a mowed path leading to the cemetery.- photos taken […]

Bolton’s Cemetery – 1833-1955

Bolton’s Cemetery – 1833-1955 Concession 10, Lot 4, Jelly Road, east of Fly Creek Rd- Twp of Elizabethtown*, GPS: 44.765736, -75.787592, Directly beside a house at 11842 Rocksprings Road. Photos taken in August 2016                                             […]

Bell’s Cemetery – 1829-1927

Bell Cemetery – 1829-1927 also known as Bell Crossing Cemetery (Whitehurst Cemetery) Concession: 11, Lot13; Location: Rocksprings Road; Alternate Cemetery Name: Bell Cemetery  (1796-1927)- Twp of Elizabethtown*, GPS: 44.752596,-75.830426 – located next to old Bell’s School now a house on 11654 Rocksprings Road. Many stones are in poor shape, large mound in the centre of the […]