Anson McNish – Western Canada

Anson McNish had relatives in Western Canada and over the year made many trips out west. Here are some of his photos that record his visits.


1-Train Stopping in New Ontario (Northern Ontario)


2-C.P.R. Winnipeg, Manitoba


3-C.P.R. Station Calgary Alberta


4-C.P.R. Park, Calgary Alberta


5-A Cayuse Indian, Calgary, Alberta


6-C.N.R. Edmonton, Alberta


7-Mort Smith and Family, near Swift Current, Saskatchewan “A Sunday Gathering on the Prairie”


8-Anson McNish on horseback near Calgary


9-Buffalo Skulls near Calgary


10-Atipycle Gate on the Alberta Range


11-A String of Prairie Chickens


12-A Slough on the Prairie


13-A lake near Calgary, Alberta


14-Saskatchewan River, Edmonton, Alberta