Postcards – Birthday and Humorous

Postcards were a chance for people to send “best wishes” for special occasions to their family and friends, or just to keep in touch. The postage on these cards was cheaper than a letter and the cost of the card less than that of an actual birthday card as we know them today.

It was a way to stay in tough with friends and family and sometimes send an occasional bit of humour through the mail. These postcards give us a very accurate snapshot of the humour and attitudes of the people of that time, they give us a look into what daily life was like.

While our collection is small, we wanted to share with you what those who sent these to their family and friends back home.

We are always interested in increasing our collection so that we may share with everyone this glimpse into our past. If you have postcards there are three ways in which you could share them with us:

1) a direct donation to the museum

2) loan them to us, we will scan them and return the originals to you

3) if you have a digital image you can send it to us at our email address:


A Happy Birthday to You
Birthday Greetings
Hearty Birthday Greetings
Birthday Greetings
A Happy Birthday
A Happy Birthday
Best Wishes
Birthday Greetings
Accept all good wishes
Best Birthday Wishes
Birthday Greetings
Best Wishes
All good wishes for a bright and happy furure
A Birthday Wish – I greet you with an earnest wish; May happy days be thine, May every birthday bring you joy, So runs this wish of mine
Greetings- With loving Thoughts and Best Wishes on your Birthday
Wishing you a joyous Birthday- Like the birds song to the flower, Like the blossom to the spray, Like the sunshine to the flower, May Heaven’s smile gleam on your way



I wish I had a fellow
Ready for the next
Happy dreams of long ago
Well, you have a nice old mess of it !
This is the year the girls propose, give me a ring instead of a rose
The Daily News
I regret that a large gathering at my rooms, quite a swell affair, prevents my accepting your kind invitation
“Sunshine of St. Eulalie was she called; for that was the sunshine Which, as the farmers believed, would load their orchards with apples”- Longfellow’s Evaangeline
When a girl puts on a man’s hat, it’s a sign she wants to kiss him.
You make me laugh
I don’t mind being held by the right one
Am detained. Position very awkward.
Am busy looking into matters here – ” Full line of peek a boo waists and open work stockings”
Take oh take my loving heart, And let us as a pear depart
Take me on trial, in Brockville , Ont.
A Thtoughbred
Happy Days
I never get tired boosting for “Greenbush” It’s sure a swell place
Joy Riding at Alexandria Bay N.Y.
Something doin’ in New Dublin
Said the old fat Rooster, To the little Brown Hen: “You haven’t laid an egg since the Lord knows when” Said the little Brown Hen to the old fat Rooster: “You don’t come around as often as you used ter”