Bell’s School – A One Room Schoolhouse in Elizabethtown

Bell’s School (School Section #24)

Wolford Twp (School Section #16)

Location of Bell’s School – Map 1861-62


Bell’s School was a shared school between Elizabethtown and Wolford Township. It was located on the Rocksprings Road and to the immediate east of the schoolhouse is the Bell’s Cemetery. There used to be a stone church in one corner of the emery, but all that remains now are a few foundation stones.

“The school was built on land donated by James Bell who settled there with his family on or before the year 1831. The land for the school was purchased from S. Harper for £30 it was lot 13” (Recorder and Times article)

School Superintendents Report (Ontario Archives)

Shows the following information, which in some cases contradicts what we have already researched, and contradicts other filed School Superintendents Reports:

1850: no report

1854: Log building, first opened in 1838


The following information was extracted from the motion papers of the Elizabethtown Council 1855-1873:

To the Local Superintendent of schools for the Township of Elizabethtown. Pay to Mary B.Smith as ordered out of the school fund apportioned to School Section No. 24 in the Township of Elizabethtown the sum apportioned to said section (Signed and Sealed) Walter Bell and Richard Richards, Trustees-1871


Bell’s School in 1937 (photo I. MacMillan)
Bell’s School Class of 1937 (Photo I. MacMillan)






Bell's School SS24 -11654 Rocksprings Rd July 2016 (4)
Bell’s School photo 2016
Bell's School SS24 -11654 Rocksprings Rd July 2016 (1)
Bell’s School photo 2016