The Grandfather Clock

Grandfather clock, also called longcase clock, tall pendulum clock enclosed in a wooden case that stands upon the floor and is typically 1.8 to 2.3 metres (6 to 7.5 feet) in height. The name grandfather clock was adopted after the song “Grandfather’s Clock,” written in 1876 by Henry Clay Work, became popular. The first grandfather clocks featured a Classical architectural appearance, […]

The One Room Schoolhouse in Kitley – Complete Listing

For additional information on each school refer to the school name on our website   Schools in Kitley by Name (listing by School Section Number at the bottom of this section) Blanchard School (School Section No. 4) Concession #1, Lot 26, built 1874 Coad School (Dack’s School) (School Section No. 6) Concession #4, Lot 17, […]

The One Room Schoolhouse in Elizabethtown- Complete Listing

  For Photos, Maps etc. look under the school name on our website Addison School  (School Section No. 21) There have been four schools in Addison. The first was built of logs and burned. Both the second and third schools[1] in Addison doubled as Episcopal and Methodist Churches. The second school was a stone building […]

Butternut Bay

Butternut Bay is located at the very western edge of Elizabethtown Township in the First Concession along the banks of the St. Lawrence River. In Thad. W.H. Leavitt’s book “History of Leeds and Grenville” published in 1879 he writes the following about Butternut Bay: (It was originally called “St. Lawrence Central Camp Ground” “This beautiful […]

Fragonard Perfumes

Fragonard Perfumes The beginnings of the historic ‘Fragonard Parfumeur’ began in Grasse, France shortly before the First World War. By the 17th century, Grasse was the capital of perfume production with its ideal climate for the cultivation of roses, jasmine and other essential flowers that were used to make attractive fragrances. More importantly to the development […]

Northern Electric Company Limited Wooden Telephone Box

Northern Electric Company Limited Wooden Telephone Box The Northern Electric Company, established in the late 1800s, was a revolutionary enterprise that pioneered Canada’s telecommunications production and innovation. Founded in Montreal, Quebec (later expanding to other locations, such as Bellville, Ontario), Northern Electric went through a historic evolution from a small Canadian telephone equipment supplier to the […]

Curling Irons /Curling Tongs

Curling Irons /Curling Tongs Curling irons or curling tongs are far from being a modern invention. In fact, these hairstyling tools have been around for centuries and were used by early Babylonian, Assyrian, Persian, Greek and Egyptian civilizations. Often used to signify wealth and beauty, Persian and Greek nobles used iron or bronze rods, that were heated over a fire, […]

Washing Machines and Washboards

Washing Machines    Prior to the 1800’s, the idea of powered washing machine was just beginning to come to fruition. That being said, the “scrub board” or “washboard” has arguably been around for ages. The traditional washboard were made out of a rectangular piece of wood that had a series of ridges for the clothing to be rubbed upon. Whereas, […]

Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Camera

Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Camera  The Kodak Brownie Hawkeye camera was one of the many Kodak ‘Brownie’ cameras that Eastman Kodak (Rochester, NY) manufactured between the 1900’s and well into the 20th Century. These cameras shared the ‘Brownie’ name, but ranged from box cameras, to folding cameras, and later, movie cameras. Kodak Brownie box cameras were sold […]

Elizabethtown-Kitley Fire Department History

A Brief History of the Elizabethtown-Kitley Fire Department From the very beginning to the Present Our township is located along the St. Lawrence River and our municipality surrounds the City of Brockville, Ontario Canada. We amalgamated with our neighboring township of Kitley on January 1st, 2001 and are now the Township of Elizabethtown-Kitley and cover […]

Kitley Fire Department

Kitley Volunteer Fire Department- 1965 to 1985 The First Twenty Years    On May 6th, 1985, Kitley Fire Department celebrated its’ 20th Anniversary. During these years the Township of Kitley went from being without a fire department to having one of the best equipped and best trained in the Country. Accomplishing this took a considerable […]

Railroad Lanterns and Lamps

Railroad Lanterns and Lamps Lanterns and lamps were used daily as a tool of the trade for railroad workers in the past. They were the best means of communication when operating and directing trains. These lanterns communicated signals  between trains, stations, and workers, since loud working environments and the distance involved in train operations negated […]

Sad Irons

Sad Irons  The forebears to modern electric irons, flat irons or smoothing irons, later modified into what is more commonly known as ‘sad irons,’ were constructed by blacksmiths in the Middle Ages. ‘Sad’ is an Old English word for “solid,” and the term “sad iron” is used to distinguish heavy flat irons, usually weighing 5 to 9 […]

Museums Genealogical Binders

Each binder contains information about the person and their family. Genealogical Information in Binders Each binder contains large amounts of family information Family Name Other Names included Clow, Corp William Coates, Arthur Churcher Cornell Family Lewis Family Perrin, Evelyn May Scott, Doug, Const White, Joseph 7 Sarah Lucy Kilborn,John White;Henry White; Ruben Sherwood White;Sarah Berry; […]

The Great Herbal Balm ‘Zam Buk’ Tin

The Great Herbal Balm ‘Zam-Buk’ Tin Zam-Buk is a healing antiseptic ointment or embrocation that was advertised to help soothe and heal: cuts, bruises, burns, scalds, sprains, piles, pimples, eczema, leg, sores, ulcers, ringworm, chapped hands, sores, insect bites, chafing, chilblains, rheumatism, and cold sores. Zam-Buk had several formulas but was sold with antimicrobial and analgesic properties […]

How Dear To My Heart

This is a small book of stories about growing up in and around Lyn written by Walter Kilborn Billings. We have reprinted his stories here, to give you an opportunity to sit back and enjoy his writings, and relive his memories about a simpler time.

Stereoscopy – Stereoscopes

As photography developed as a commercial medium during the 1840s, it was realised that it was perfect for producing stereoscopic images and daguerreotypes were produced to be viewed using Wheatstone’s apparatus.  This was achieved initially by taking one photograph, then moving the camera a few inches and taking a second.  In early stereo views, sometimes the movement of […]

Anson McNish – Photographs of his daughter Florence Catherine

Anson McNish was born in Lyn, Ontario, the son of George McNish owner of the Lyn Agricultural Works and Almira Jane Fell. Anson was a mechanic by trade, but also an Amateur Photographer. As an amateur photographer, Anson has given us some very fine detailed pictures with glimpses into his life and surroundings. Anson married […]

Anson McNish – Niagara Falls, Ontario

Photos from Niagara Falls, Toronto and Southern Ontario 1907 to 1920 Anson McNish was born in Lyn, Ontario, the son of George McNish owner of the Lyn Agricultural Works and Almira Jane Fell. Anson was a mechanic by trade, but also an Amateur Photographer. As an amateur photographer, Anson has given us some very fine […]

Patrick Johnston and Louise Knox – Our People, Our Heritage

Patrick Johnston and Louise Knox This is the story of two ordinary people who, in search of a better life, migrated to Canada in the early 1800’s. They were both born in Antrim, Belfast, Northern Ireland and knew each other in their early days there, but came to Canada separately, only to meet up later […]

Major William Read, United Empire Loyalists – Our People, Our Heritage

Major William Read, United Empire Loyalists and settler in Kitley Township Major William Read came to America from his native Ireland as a young man and settled on Bison Creek in the Parish of St. George, Queensboro Twp, Province of Georgia. The Reads, Lyles and Russells all had come from Ulster in the northeast part […]

Yonge Mills School Minute and Ledger Book 1877 to 1893

Yonge Mills School S.S. No 2 & 3 in Young and S.S. No. 18 in Elizabethtown We are fortunate to have in our collection the Minute Book and Ledger for this school for the years 1877 to 1893. Unfortunately there are some pages missing and some so faded that they are un-readable. This book gives […]

Coleman’s Model 4A Gasoline Iron

Coleman’s Model 4A Gasoline Iron   Coleman, originally known for making lanterns, made over 30 different models of irons from 1929 to 1948. The myriad of fuel iron models manufactured by Coleman came in an assortment of enamel coloured finishes, such as turquoise, green, red, tan, and black. Perhaps the best known and most commonly […]

The Tramp’s Funeral

The Tramp’s Funeral Long ago, the death of an unidentified tramp led to a merry wake by the farmers of the region west of Lyn. In the early 1800’s, two farmers found the body of a transient in a field north of Jones Creek. While they were discussing their find and wondering whether or not […]

Kitley Agricultural Society

Kitley Agricultural Society The annual meeting of this society was held at the Edger’s House, Frankville, on Thursday last. N.H. Beecher, chairman; W.D. Livingston, secretary. The treasure’s report read as follows: Receipts from all sources, including balance from last report, $811.56; expenditures, $500.78; leaving a balance on hand of $310.78. The following officers were elected: […]

The Unionville Camp Meeting of 1895

The Unionville Camp Meeting Tuesday Aug 13, 1895 issue The Unionville Camp Meeting A union camp meeting will be held by the Athens, Addison, Frankville and Toledo, Lyn and Mallorytown circuits of the Methodist church on the Unionville fair grounds, commencing Wednesday afternoon, August 21st. Arrangements are being made to have the grounds thoroughly equipped. […]

Greenbush – News from the Village

The Athens Reporter and County of Leeds Advertiser Excerpts have been taken from this paper referencing the following hamlet for the years 1889, 1894 and 1895 Greenbush- Jan 15 1889 Peace has been restored and the ‘little brown jug’ found. That ‘man in the North End’, mentioned by your occasional reporter, assisted very kindly to […]

Unionville Fair – September 17th, 18th, and 19th, 1895

CENTRAL CANADA’S GREAT FAIR BIGGER AND BETTER THAN EVER Unionville, September 17th, 18th, and 19th, 1895 Prince Leo Giving High Wire Performance He will perform innumerable acts on a spider-looking wire sprung from two to the highest telegraph poles which can be secured. A few of his acts are: Running forward and backward with feet […]

Avery’s Farm Market

Avery’s Family Farm Market In the 1970’s Doug and Judy Avery opened a “farmer’s market” in an old barn located on their property. They grew and sold fresh garden vegetables and in the spring would also sell bedding plants. Their barn stood out because they painted large flowers all over it. The business was located […]

The Rock School

Rock School Continuing along Highway No 2 from east to west, just after passing Grant’s Creek and St Lawrence Park you would come to the Rock School House. The new Rock School, which stands today as a home, was built in 1937. The school was built of native granite quarried a few yards distant from […]

The McLean’s at Fernbank – Our People, Our Heritage

Robert McLean at Fernbank The old brick house painstakingly constructed by hand in 1823 with every brick handmade on the land surrounding the dwelling was built by Robert McLean. Five generations lived in the house until 1933 when it was sold. The story of the McLeans goes back to old Paisley in Scotland where Alexander […]