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  1. Ashley King
    February 6, 2021 @ 4:30 pm

    my grandmother had the #4 doll for years. last year I had to throw her out. She (the doll) ended up getting some sort of bacteria on her that ate away at various parts of her feet and made its way up to her legs. My grandma said it was probably something she ate at one point and we’d refer to it as a skin eating disease. I tried different things to stop her from being eaten away. she looked almost brand new and my grandma would change out her dresses she had made for her.
    Her limbs started falling off and the plastic was gone in some areas. it was getting worse. so I tossed her. I honestly was heart broken about it.


  2. Linda Longenecker
    August 28, 2021 @ 10:47 am

    I have searched high and low for a doll that I was given to me in the late 40’s…..The ultra unique feature being the doll had a cloth body, BUT on the side was small zipper….Inside the zipper was a rubber type balloon or a rubber ball that had a safety closure wherein one could tuck the tip of this balloon into it’s own closure…..I think it might have been made to add warm water to it inside, to keep the children warm…..The doll was a GIRL doll with a yellow dress and a bonnet if I recal.l….But, I turned this doll into boy doll and named him Skippy…….He or she could wear a real BABY SIZED clothing..Approx. a six month old size…..The dolls height might have been 15″- 18″ long……The hair was painted on and as I recall had just a curl at it’s forehead, also painted on…..Had open and close eyes too….This doll was MY VERY FAVORITE doll EVER! I do not recall what type of material was used for the arms and legs…..??????? I never thought to fill the ballon up with water, so I just filled the ballon with air……..My air ! Ha Ha……..Oh, how I hope someone CAN HELP ME IDENTIFY THIS TYPE DOLL ! Addendum to this I would be THRILLED to learn that there is a doll of this type for sale, SOMWHERE?!!!!!!!!! Please, help me!!!!!

    With kind regards, Linda


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