This is a small family cemetery that was for members of the Jelly Family. The cemetery is located on the intersection of County Rd 7 and the Atkins Lake Road.

Jelly Farm Cemetery- June, 2019 (photo #1)
In Memory of Andrew Jelly died Feb 1, 1911 aged 88 y’rs (photo #2)
In Memory of Maria Morrison wife of Andrew Jelly died May 3,1903 aged 63 y’rs (photo #3)
Margaret E. Dau’r of Andrew & Maria Jelly Died Apr. 22. 1876 Aged 10 yrs, 2 Ms & 2Ds (photo #4)
In Memory of Andrew Jelly died Apr 4, 1905 aged 31 y’rs, this is for the stone on the left which is now fallen onto the ground (photo #5)
Last headstone that has fallen onto the ground is of Hazel Morrison (photo #6)

Photos from August 2016

(Photo #7)
(Photo #8)
(Photo #9)

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