We have limited information on some families in our collection. Their names are listed below:



Museum’s Genealogical Archival Boxes
Name Items Other names included
Anderson, Alice deed of land 1937 Blake,Edna
Baker, Arden News story 1985
Barton, Herbert Military Pass 1941
Berry, John Life Story
Billings, Walter writtings
Bissell, Sarah Mortgage 1902 Parker, Robert
Blair, Donald Vincent WWI Military papers
Blake, Edward Mansell Military Service Record
Bolin, John Family Tree Blake, Dean,Bain,Stewart,Morrison, Watt, McCullough
Bolin, Joe and Grace Photos
Booth, Casper Stuart Military Information WWI
Booth Family Newsclippings
Bowen, Aylmer Frederick Military Discharge 1941
Brown, William Deed of Release 1823 Judson, Anna & Rathel; Brown William
Brownell, Harold & William Family Information & Photos
Burns, John & Lydia Photo and dates
Carpenter, Mary Home Insurance Policy 1974
Cassels, Robert Deed of Land 1879
Charles, D. Railway Pass 1937
Chisamore, Almer Erwin WWI Booklet
Clow Family Deeds, News stories, Photos
Clow, George Gardiner Memorial Record d.Feb 1918
Clow, Mrs. John S. News Clippings
Clow, Margurita Christmas Card
Coleman, Able Will 1810; Family History
Coleman. Abel Henry Biography
Coleman, Cannon Harry News clippings; photo
Coleman, Vincent Family Tree
Coleman, Richard II Family Tree
Coleman Family Family Tree
Colwman Lewis Family Tree
Coleman, James Wesley Family Tree
Coleman, Hiram Family Tree
Coleman, Edwin Family Tree
Coleman, David C. Family Tree
Coleman, William C. Obituary
Connolly, Michael J. Deed 1872 Tennant, John Isabella
Cook, Beatrice see MacNamara, William
Coon, Gerald Voter Registration Card 1940
Cornell, David Correspondence and papers
Cummings Family Family Tree
Cummings, James Deed 1880
Darling, Garnett personal writtings
Darling, Ivan Frank WWI service information
Darling, Sanford News clippings, home insurance
Darling, Stanlry Clarence WWI service information
Davidson, Donald WWII Service Information
Dickey, Winona photo 1937
Duncan, John Samuel WWII Discharge Papers
Duncan, J.R. 1891 letter to Jack
Dunster, Barbara Obit see Quinn, Leonard
Dunster, Sam WW! & II service Information
Dunster, Samuel H. WWI photos
Edgley, Omer Family history and photos
Francie, Richard H. Deed 1874 Buell, James ad Caroline
Ferguson, James A. Building Contract 1880 Phillips, Robert
Ferguson, Merrill Roy WWII Discharge Papers
Ferguson, Isaac Allen WWII Discharge Papers
Gardiner, George W. Family Tree and Photos Booth, Mary Ann
Gardiner, Richard P. Family Tree and Photos Tennant, Euphemia
Gardiner, Richard Family Tree and Photos Turkington, Mary Ann
Gardiner, Stanley Louis Family Tree Orton, Minnie
Gardiner, Stanley Photos of farm
Giffen, Elwood Archibald Service Record
Glazier, Curson Photos
Gray, Catherine Speech
Gunness, Cecil Ford Service Record
Hall, James Cecil WWII news clippings
Hall, Harold David WWII news clippings
Hallett, Fred Poem
Hanna Family Newsclippings
Haskins Family Family Tree
Hayes, J.F. Correspondence and papers
Heggerman, John Deed c1850
Hodge, Mortimer WWI service information
Howe Family Obituaries Morrison;Scott;Kerr;Byers;Oxton;Bowen;Ready;Root;Sayers;Darling,Hanna
Hudson, Anna Family Tree Kilborn; Freeman;Hall;Allen
Johnston, Stanley Estate Settlement 1907
Johnston, Celia Irene WWI service information
Johnston, Roy Walter WWI service information
Jones, Harold Carman WWI service information
Judson, Silas deeds 1808
Kilmury, Jack Photo
Kincaid, John Deeds- 1864,1877
Krugel, Joyce Beverly Biography
Ladd, Orval and Pat News clippings
Latimer Family Genealogical sheets
Lee, Frank Deed 1940
Lee, Fred H. Family Information
Lee, Henry Fanily Info (1827-1892) 11 children listed by name
Lee, Jack Morden WWII Service Information
Lee, Jack Morden Familt Information
Leeder, Francis & Isobel Photos
Leeder, James & Annie Obituaries Annie Buchanan
Lennox, George Evert Family Information and Photo
Lewis, Madeline Rothwell Deed 1940 Anderson, Lelia Grace
MacNamara, William J. KIA in WW1- Info and photo
MacNamara, John T. see MacNamara, William
McNamara, John Philip WWII Service Information Beatrice MacNamara nee Cook
McClintock, Hugh Certificate 1959
McCready Family Family Tree
McCready, Fred stories and poems
McCrae, James Diary 1940
McCrady, Kathleen Diary 1923
McKinney, Louise C. News clippings
McLean, John Spencer Will 1880
McNish Family Newsclippings
McNish, Harris WWI information and photos
McNish, Margaret Photo
Massey, George Alfred WWII photo
Metcalf, Leta School Book notes & Letter
Montgomery, William H. Teaching certificates 1880
Moore, Raymond WWII Service Information
Moore, George Newton WWII Service Information
Moores Family News clipping
Orton, Minnie Family Tree
Parker, Robert Deed 1902 Bissell, Sarah
Parslow, Horton Garfield WWI service information
Pelton, Keith writtings
Pergam, Peter Deed 1894 Cassels, Robert
Pergau, James Deed 1920 Stewart, Ray
Pettem, George Deed 1923 Pergau, Laura
Pergau, Peter Family Tree
Purvis Family Family history
Purvis, Peter Deed 1841 Thompson, Benjammine and Polly
Purvis, Peter Discharge Paper copy 1785
Purvis, Thomas Deed 1840 Leslie, James & Auldjot, George
Quinn, Leonard Remembrance Barbara Ann Dunster nee Quinn
Race, Ernie Photo
Reynolds, Hartley Ernest WWII Service Information
Robb, Wallace Havelock Writtings
Robbins, Laura b.1835 see Lee, Henry they had 11 children
Robinson, Mildred Louisa Personal History
Rowsom, William Family Tree
Rowsome, William R. WWII Service Information
Rowsome, Roy Gerald WWII Service Information
Sager, Kathleen Correspondence and papers
Scott, Doug, Const News Clippings
Sexton, Len Letter 1819 Susher, Eri
Shipman, Ezekiel Will 1873
Smith, Lindsay & Lawrence WWII news clippings
Square, John Photo of home
Storey, Tom Letter 1943 Donnelly, Tom
Tackaberry, Walter Waite WWI service information
Taylor, Clayton Miller Family Tree Gardiner, Harriet Louisa
Taylor, Josephine Gardiner Family Tree
Tennant, John W. Deeds 1872 & 1877 Buell, James ad Caroline
Tennant, Viola Burial Plot Receipt 1967
Tennant, William Deed 1856 Thomson, Archabald
Turkington, Mary Ann Family Tree
Vickery, Fred stories and poems
Vyfvinkel, Henry News Clippings
Warren Family Family History
Weatherhead, Clifford WWI service information
Webster, Eric and Nancy Photos
Weekes Family Family Tree
Willson, Charles H. Family History

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