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  1. Frank Korvemaker
    April 1, 2019 @ 4:54 pm

    I am looking for the grave of Catherine Ann Bell, nee Elwood/ Ellwood (1851-1895) Her name might also have been Anne Catherine or Katherine.

    Catherine Elwood was born in Kemptville, married William Robert Bell of Brockville in Dec 1867.
    “Livingston, Edwin A. “Leeds & Grenville Counties Marriage Register, 1858-1968”, Vol. 27, 1988 (929.371373 at NYPL) shows at page 39: “Bell, William R., age 22 of Brockville, born Brockville, son of Robert Bell and Maria Sherwood, to Catherine Ellwood, age 17 of Brockville, born Kemptville, daughter of James G. Ellwood and Mary Jane Caldwell, by Rev. James Brock, Weslayan Methodist, on December 17, 1867. Witnesses: Robert W. Hillyard and Sarah A. Graves, both of Prescott.” She died in Indian Head, North-West Territories (Now Saskatchewan) on Oct 14, 1895, and according to local newspapers was reportedly to be buried in Brockville.

    Catherine and Major William R. Bell lived in Hallock, Minnesota from about 1879-1882; then moved to Indian Head, Sask., where they lived until 1895. The 1880 USA census lists her as “A. Catherin Bell”.

    I am also looking for the grave of their son. Sherwood Ambler Bell was born in 1868 and died in 1870.
    “Death reg’n. # 9029-1870. Sherwood Ambler Bell died 4 March 1870, age 1 year 9 mos., son of William A. Bell * (“initial “A” is hard to read – could be an “R”) born Elizabethtown, ON. Cause of death – disease of the brain – 2 days. Informant: Wm. Robert Bell “G.L.R.” ? Employee- Brockville, ON. Registered 6 July 1870. Religion: Wesleyan Methodist.”

    Any assistance that you can provide would be appreciated. This information is needed to update the website for the Bell Barn Society of Indian Head, as noted below.


    • John
      April 2, 2019 @ 6:45 am

      Unfortunately we have no information about your family in our limited genealogical section. I would suggest that you contact the Leeds and Grenville branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society as they may be able to help you. Their contact informataion is listed on their website on the link provided:

      good luck,


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