This listing has been compiled from various sites on the internet. In researching this, we found that no one site contained all of the cemeteries listed below. In the future we will attempt to visit each cemetery and post photos and more information regarding each burial ground.

 We by no means, make any claims regarding the accuracy of this list. Anyone who is aware of corrections or additions to this list is asked to e-mail us so we can update the list. 

Acheson Cemetery- Concession 5, Lot 26; Location: Hwy 29 north of Brockville, across from Weagant Farm Supplies; Cemetery Status: Closed to further burials, GPS N44 37.470′ W75 48.427

Bell Crossing Cemetery (Whitehurst Cemetery)-Concession 11, Lot 13; Location: Rocksprings Road; Alternate Cemetery Name: Bell Cemetery  (1796-1927)-  GPS: N44 45.150′ W75 49.831

Blanchard Cemetery- Concession 9, Lot 25, Location: across from 9439, east side of Road 7, north of Greenbush (1806-1964) – GPS: N44 41.759′ W5 51.111′

Bolton Cemetery- Concession 7, Lot 21- on the Rock Springs Rd. Just east of Bell Cemetery- GPS N44 39.912 W75 48.545

Bolton’s Cemetery (Whitehurst)- Concession 10, Lot 4, Jelly Road, east of Fly Creek Rd- GPS N44 45.938 W75 47.250

Booth Burying Ground- Concession 4, Lot 32; Location: Seeley’s Corners, on the west side of Perth Road between Kilkenny Road and Howe Road; Cemetery Status: Closed to further burials – GPS N44 35.087 W75 48.321 

Brown Cemetery- Concession 4, Lot 5; Location: Bains Road, south of Manhard Cemetery; Cemetery Status: Closed to further burials GPS N44 40.257′ W75 42.695′

Browntown Cemetery- Concession 9, Lot 33; 1 mile north of Addison Cemetery Status: Closed to further burials,GPS N44 40.540′ W75 53.084′

DeBruge Cemetery-  See Smith Cemetery

David Family Cemetery- Concession 10, Lot A1 also known as Matthew Davis Cemetery gPS N44 45.945 W75 45.940′

Davis Family Plot- Concession: 9, Lot:19; Alternate Cemetery Name: Charles Davis Cemetery; GPS N44 43.085 W75 50.044

Davis Cemetery – Concession 8, Lot 26; Location: George Davis Farm; Alternate Cemetery Name: George Davis Cemetery;  located off Twp road 28, south side-GPS: N44 39.998′ W75 50.392′

Davis Cemetery – Concession 6 Lot 17; also known as Brock Davis Cemetery GPS N44 38.810 W75 49.753

Davidson-Smith Cemetery – Concession 4 Lot 17, abandoned, Debruge Rd,- GPS N44 37.668′ W75 44.005′

Earl Cemetery- Concession 6, Lot 23, New Dublin Road- Interments moved to New Dublin, GPS N44 38.702′ W75 47.867′

Earl Farm Cemetery- Concession 9, Lot 37, Hwy 29 North of Forthton, past Twp road 30, west side of road, GPS: 44.662043, -75.901601

Fairfield Cemetery –  see Foxton Cemetery

Fernbank Cemetery- Concession 6, south of New Dublin Cemetery in field east side of the road, unregistered cemetery on private land GPS: Not available

Foley Family Burying Ground- Concession 9, Lot 27, Location: North of Greenbush, west of road 7; GPS N44 41.521′ W75 51.548′

Forthton Cemetery- Concession: 7, Lot: 34; Cemetery Status: Closed to further burials, GPS: approximately N44 38′ W75 52

Foxton Cemetery- Concession: 4, Lot 18; Location: North-East of Tincap, on Airport Rd; Alternate Cemetery Name: Glazier or Fairfield, GPS N44 38.048′ W75 44.992, Next to 6418 Airport Road

Fulford Pioneer Cemetery- Concession: 1, Lot: 28; Location: at the south end of Fulford Point Road, west of Brockville , established in 1786, GPS- N44 32.491 W75 45.050 (parking is on private property, please be respectful of this property)

 Gallinger Cemetery/ Tugg Hill Cemetery- Concession 9, Lot 35; Location: West side of Hwy 29, north of Addison, right before Peterson Rd. GPS N44 40.020 W75 53.565′

Glazier Cemetery – (see Foxton Cemetery)

Glen Buell Cemetery- Concession 6, Lot 30 Location: East side of Highway 29, south of Glen Buell – GPS N44 38.083 W75 50.32′

Gosford Cemetery- Concession 8, Lot 3 , Gosford Road, first interment 1856 – Gosford Cemetery Board, GPS N44 43.410′ W75 44.972

Greenbank Cemetery – Concession 10, Lot 17 (1811-1971), 10617 McManus Road- Greenbank Cemetery Board. GPS- N44 44.486 W75 50.429

Hill Cemetery- Concession 10, Lot 10; Location: north side of the Jellby Road, next to 10724 Jellby Rd. GPS N44 44.471 W75 48.187

Horton Cemetery – Concession 6, Lot 19 6539 New Dublin Rd, cor of 7th Concession, in field, On Private Land, GPS N44 40.070 W75 47.706′

Howard Cemetery – Concession 2, Lot 21; Location: South of the Centennial Road, across from the Parslow Road.- Howard Cemetery Board*, Drive to the end of the road and then onto a grass covered road. There is room to turn a car around at the end. Fenced, Gated and gate locked. GPS N44 35.626′ W75 44.890′

Kerr Family Cemetery – Concession 9, Lot 25, Location: East side of County Road 7, just north of Greenbush, behind #9472 Cty Rd. 7,  GPS N44 42.091 W75 51.490′

Loverin Burying Ground- see Sanford Cemetery

Lucas Cemetery – see Pepper Cemetery

Lyn Cemetery –Concession 3, Lot 27, Location: East side of the Village of Lyn between the Veteran’s Memorial and St. John the Baptist Anglican Church.- Lyn Cemetery Committee* – GPS N44 34.629 W75 46.671′ (See website for listing of graves)

Manhard Cemetery – Concession 5, Lot 7, Twp Road 6- Manhard Cemetery Board* – GPS N44 40.906′ W75 44.106′

McCready Farm Cemetery – Concession 9, Lot 15 – On McKay Rd on Private Propert, GPS- 44.714263, -75.806621

New Dublin Community Cemetery (see St. John’s Anglican Cemetery) Concession: 6, Lot: 20; Location: #1 is beside church; #2, across from church, Alternate Cemetery Name: New Dublin #2 – New Dublin Community Cemetery Board* – GPS N44 39.987 W75 48.033

Oakland Cemetery- Location: Highway No.2, west of Brockville, established in 1892 – Brockville Cemetery Board* – GPS N44 34.289 W75 43.147

Old Greenbush / Smith’s Cemetery- Concession 8, Lot 24  Jellyby Road, Location: In a field just east of Greenbush; (1826-1952) –also known as Smith’s Cemetery, GPS N44 41.347 W75 50.495

Old Protestant Cemetery, Brockville- Concession: 1; Lot: 19/20; Location Address: Hwy 2, west of Brockville; Alternate Cemetery Name: Old Protestant Cemetery – Brockville Cemetery Board. GPS N44 41.116 W75.53.431

Pepper Cemetery – Concession 10, Lot 23; Cemetery Status: Closed to further burials, also known as Lucas Farm Cemetery, GPS N44 41.116′ W75 53.431

Peterson Farm Burying Ground – Concession 9, Lot 37, GPS N44 39.706 W75 54.074

St. Francis Xavier Cemetery – Concession 1, Lot 20/21; Catholic Cemetery – Brockville Cemetery Board*, Located on the Lyn Road (Cty Rd 46) behind Oakland Cemetery

 St. Francis Xavier Cemetery (Old Cemetery) – Concession: 1, Lot: 19/20; Alternate Cemetery Names: Brockville Cemetery; Old Catholic Cemetery – Brockville Cemetery Board* GPS N44 34.145′ W75 42.946

St. John the Evangelist, Anglican Cemetery – Concession: 6, Lot: 20; Also known as: New Dublin Cemetery #1 – New Dublin Community Cemetery Board* GPS- 44.667349, -75.800447

Sanford Cemetery- Concession 9, Lot 27, Location: West of Greenbush, 9330 Addison Greenbush Rd, north side- GPSS N44 41.127 W75 51.322′

Sherwood Family Cemetery-                                                                     Concession 1, Lot 1 Location: 1937 Hwy 2, down lane next to house on the eastern boundary of Elizabethtown, on Burnside Road Alternate Cemetery Name: Old Thomas Sherwood Family Cemetery. GPS N44 36.76 W 75 38.607

Smith’s Cemetery – see Old Greenbush Cemetery

Smith Cemetery – Concession 4 Lot 113, also known as DeBruge Road Cemetery, GPS N44 37.921 W75 43.984

Tincap Cemetery – Concession: 3, Lot: 18; Location: East of Tincap, on south side of 4th Concession Road.; also known as Tincap Sand Hill Cemetery Status: Closed to further burials,  GPS N44 37.122 W75 44.961

Tugg Hill Cemetery – See Gallinger Cemetery

Weeks Burial Ground – Concession: 2, Lot: 25; Location: next to 2418 Murphy Road; Cemetery Status: Closed to further burials  – Unregistered Cemetery, GPS N44 34.997 W75 45.623

Weir’s Cemetery – Concession 10, Lot 17, McManus Road, GPS N44 44.448 W75 50.436

Whitehurst Cemeterysee Bolton’s Cemetery

2 thoughts on “Cemeteries in Elizabethtown

  1. I am looking for the grave of Catherine Ann Bell, nee Elwood/ Ellwood (1851-1895) Her name might also have been Anne Catherine or Katherine.

    Catherine Elwood was born in Kemptville, married William Robert Bell of Brockville in Dec 1867.
    “Livingston, Edwin A. “Leeds & Grenville Counties Marriage Register, 1858-1968”, Vol. 27, 1988 (929.371373 at NYPL) shows at page 39: “Bell, William R., age 22 of Brockville, born Brockville, son of Robert Bell and Maria Sherwood, to Catherine Ellwood, age 17 of Brockville, born Kemptville, daughter of James G. Ellwood and Mary Jane Caldwell, by Rev. James Brock, Weslayan Methodist, on December 17, 1867. Witnesses: Robert W. Hillyard and Sarah A. Graves, both of Prescott.” She died in Indian Head, North-West Territories (Now Saskatchewan) on Oct 14, 1895, and according to local newspapers was reportedly to be buried in Brockville.

    Catherine and Major William R. Bell lived in Hallock, Minnesota from about 1879-1882; then moved to Indian Head, Sask., where they lived until 1895. The 1880 USA census lists her as “A. Catherin Bell”.

    I am also looking for the grave of their son. Sherwood Ambler Bell was born in 1868 and died in 1870.
    “Death reg’n. # 9029-1870. Sherwood Ambler Bell died 4 March 1870, age 1 year 9 mos., son of William A. Bell * (“initial “A” is hard to read – could be an “R”) born Elizabethtown, ON. Cause of death – disease of the brain – 2 days. Informant: Wm. Robert Bell “G.L.R.” ? Employee- Brockville, ON. Registered 6 July 1870. Religion: Wesleyan Methodist.”

    Any assistance that you can provide would be appreciated. This information is needed to update the website for the Bell Barn Society of Indian Head, as noted below.

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