This part of our web site is dedicated to your stories – the stories of those people who helped shape our lives and make Lyn and Elizabethtown a great place to live and raise our families. Everyone has a story about themselves, a parent or grandparent who lived in this area.

This is a chance to share a part of your history to be preserved on our website. If you have an interesting story we would be glad to post it here in this section of our website.

You can post anonymously or under your own name. If we find the content of your story suitable we will publish it on our website.

You can send your stories to our email account at

We look forward to hearing from you and preserving a part of our heritage!

1 thought on “Our People, Our History

  1. Great idea to create an online history of the people in this area. Wonderful to preserve the history, hope you get lots of responses.

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