Yonge Mills School

School Section #28 Elizbethtown

 School Section # 2 & 3 Front of Yonge


The Yonge Mills School house is located on the Yonge Mills Road, approximately 3 ½ miles west of the village of Lyn.  On September 26th 1874 a ¾ acre lot was severed from the land owned by Mr. Griffin and Mr. Phillips and transferred to the Trustees of the Public School Section. The school opened in 1874 and was in use until its closure in 1968. The school was built from stone and similar to others built around the same time period.

In 1954/55 a wall was erected across the room so that the lower level students could be taught by a second teacher. In 1960 a well was dug and a furnace room added. Prior to 1960 the school was without running water and each day a student had to carry a bucket of water from Gardiner’s across the road to the school. The lavatory was divided with the teacher’s in the centre and two on either side for the boys and girls.

The first school in Yonge Mills was a wooden structure located on the corner of Devil’s Door Road and County Road 27, opposite Yonge Mills Church. The second school was a brick structure which held classes from 1859 to 1874. The third school was a stone structure built in 1874 and was open until June 1968.

In 1956 the enrolment of the school was over 50 pupils. [1]

This was a split school between Elizabethtown and Front of Yonge, students from both townships attended and costs were shared.

The school has been turned into a home and is located at 65 Yonge Mills Rd.


School Superintendents Report (Ontario Archives)

Shows the following information, which in some cases contradicts what we have already researched, and contradicts other filed School Superintendents Reports:

1850: No Report

1854: No Report


The following information was extracted from the motion papers of the Elizabethtown Council 1855-1873:


that $36 dollars of Clergy money be divided amongst the School Sections of this Township in the following manner, namely Sections No 1 $10, No 12 $5, No 26 $9, No 27 $9.31 cents, No 28 $5, No 29 $2, No 30 $5, No 31 $6 bring union section all the full Sections will leave the sum of $13.11 cents each and the Clerk ? the sum to be paid to the Trustees of each School Section[2]

[2] Lyn Museum Archives

[1] A brief history of Yonge Mills School by Joe Moore 1997


Yonge Mills School in Winter SF10#4
Yonge Mills School



Yonge Mills Class abt 1906 SF10#15
Class abt 1906



Yonge Mills School Class or 1923 SF10#3
Class of 1923
Yonge Mills Class of 1928 SF10#1
Class of 1928
Yonge Mills School Class 1917 SF10#16
Class of 1917




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  1. I am tracing my “Roots” My Mother and her siblings went to this school. Do you have records of the students and other class photos. ? My Mother is Macy Eva Shipman (1902-1987)
    . Sisters Edna Marie (1898-1967) and Wilma Beatrice (1899-1991) and brother Walte Ellis (1895-1974).
    They are the children of Macy Elizabeth Johnson and Joel Arthur Shipman – Twin Elms Farm

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