Rock School

School Section Number Unknown

Location of school on a map from 1861-62

The new Rock School was built in 1937. The school was built of native granite, quarried a few yards from the school. This new school is located on Hwy #2 west of Brockville, and west of Oakland Cemetery. It was regarded as a model rural public school with accommodations for over 30 pupils, indoor toilets, two cloak rooms, a teacher’s room, store room and a basement playroom.

The original Rock School was built in 1844, and stood to the west of the present site. Prior to this stone school an earlier log school stood on the bank of Grant’s Creek further east of the present location.

This school has been turned into a home and is located at 1405 McDonald Rd.


Rock School cLate 1800s SF5#9
Rock School House late 1800’s


Rock School Hwy 2 1891 PAB6F4#4
Class of 1891
Rock School c1912 SF5#10
Class of 1912
Rock School c1895 SF5#11
Class abt 1895
Rock School Class abt 1920 SF (2)
Class abt 1920
Rock School 1930 SF5#12
Class of 1930









Rock School SF5#31
New School Building built in 1937
Rock School Maypole Dance c1940's SF5#21
Maypole Dance c1940

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