Lyn School  

(School Section #7)


The first school house was located in the centre of the village by the creek. It was abandoned for a newer one room brick school at the west end of the Village, across from the present building. It was in use until 1867 when it burned down. The growth of the village led to a new two story, four room stone school house being built across from the one room brick structure.

The stone schoolhouse in Lyn was built in 1867 and served the children of the district until 1959/1960.  “The classrooms were on the ground floor and the second floor boasted a small stage so that concerts and plays could take place. Parties and dances were held there too”[1]

The Public School in Lyn was built in the year 1867. Although the first annual meeting of the school, on record, took place in 1876 there was undoubtedly meetings before that, as an entry in the old minute and account book shows that John Halliday was the Sect-Treasurer in 1871.  The first annual meeting of School Section No 7 was held in the school hall Wed, Jan 12, 1876 at 10 o’clock. Mr. Norman Coleman was appointed chairman and R.S.Hudson Sect. The school has to date had 60 teachers. The first school fair was held about 1914 on the old “Tan Bark Flats” with entries of cooking, vegetables, fancy work and collections of butterflies and insects. (Suzanne Coke, 1944) [2]

The “New” Lyn School opened its doors to 185 pupils on September 4, 1956. It was planned by architect Mr.Prus and built by contractor Mr.J.Saunders of Prescott for the cost of $92,000.  Miss. Anna Hudson was the prince[al of this new school. As the enrolment of the school increased with the closing of the Howard and Halleck’s School, it was found necessary to add four more room sto the original six room building. The addition was completed and ready for use in September 1963. The enrolment then was 263 pupils. Still the number increased and by 1965 all those pupils residing on the Howard Road were transferred to the Tincap School. In June 1965 the enrolment was 295. On June 29th, 1967 Miss Anna Hudson retired as Principal , Mr.J.Tallmire of Brockville became the new principal. (Anna Hudson, 1967) [3]


School Superintendents Report (Ontario Archives)

Shows the following information, which in some cases contradicts what we have already researched, and contradicts other filed School Superintendents Reports:

1850: no report only: condition: Good

1854: Brick building, first opened in 1850


The following information was extracted from the motion papers of the Elizabethtown Council 1855-1872

that the trustees of Lyn School Section No 7 be paid the amount due said section on account of debentures and the clerk order the same to be paid- 1871[4]


[1] Lyn 1784-1984 by Mary G.Robb

[2] Women’s Institute History Book 3 page 159

[3] Women’s Institute History Book 3 Pg 167

[4] Lyn Museum Archives




Lyn School SF2#3 (2)
Lyn School, notice the turn style at the gate to keep the cows out


Lyn School Cass 1920 - WI Bk 6 P85 (1)
Class of 1920
Lyn School 1931 Jr. Smith SF3#32
1931 and Jr.Smith at the back of the school









Lyn School 1916 SF2#15
Class of 1916







Lyn School Fair Parade c1918 SF2#8a
School Fair Parade c1918
First School Fair Sep 21 1915 on the tan bark WI bk4p319
1st School Fair held on the Tan Bark below the village Sep 21, 1915
Lyn School Play - Milk Maid c1900 SF2#30
School Play- ‘Milk Maids’ c1900
Lyn School Halloween Concert 1929 SF2#11
Hallowe’en Concert 1929


The Athens Reporter and County of Leeds Advertiser

Lyn School (S.S.#7) Elizabethtown

Tuesday Aug 13, 1895 issue

Lyn, Monday Aug. 12 –

Our school board are over-hauling the school house and putting things in good shape – new seats, draining the basement, and putting in furnace for heating etc. The two school rooms are to be on the upper flat, leaving the lower room to be used as a town hall for the present.

The union S.S. excursion takes place next week to Gananoque.


Tuesday Aug 27, 1895 issue

Lyn– Monday Aug 28 –

The union S.S. excursion came off on Friday, 23rd, and was a very pleasant affair

School has opened and both scholars and teachers are much pleased with their new quarters


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