Howard School

(School Section #6)

Location of school map of 1861-62


On the 12th Day of October 1861, a parcel of land was purchased on which to build the Howard School.  The indenture was between Andrew Donaldson and his wife Eliza and the School Section number 6 in the township of Elizabethtown, for a sum of sixty dollars. The parcel of land was described on the indenture as a part of the rear of the east half of Lot number twenty three in the Second Concession in the Township of Elizabethtown. In 1946 a well and pump were installed.[1]


School Superintendents Report (Ontario Archives)

Shows the following information, which in some cases contradicts what we have already researched, and contradicts other filed School Superintendents Reports:

1850: no information except: condition: Not Good

1854: Frame building, first opened in 1850


This school has been turned into a home and is located at 3439 Centennial Rd. (County Rd 27)

[1] Board of Trustees Annual report for 1946


Howard School WI bk3p172
Howard School, no date



Howard School Class 1953 SF9#1
Class of 1953


Howard School Students 1929 SF9#14
Students from 1929
Howard School Class c1947 SF9#4
Class c1947
Howard School L-r Jean Hudson Hill, Helen Hudson Davison; unk Digital Hudson.tif
Girls in their finest clothes
Howard School SF9#12
Class photo, date unknown

1 thought on “Howard – A One Room School House in Elizabethtown

  1. My sister and I attended Howard school . I from1955 to 1958 and my sister 1959 1960 the last year .
    We walked from the Chemical Rd. through the woods via the old Perth or old forced road to the Howard Rd.
    then down to the school .
    I remember the grade eight boys were responsible for bringing wood from the woodshed accessable through a door behind the teachers desk and filling the water pail at the pump outside and to the left of the entrance.
    I also remember school picnics at the falls at the bottom of the road in spring , and school skating parties
    at VanDusen’s slough .
    Fond memories indeed .

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