Addison School

 (School Section No. 21)

There have been four schools in Addison. The first was built of logs and burned. Both the second and third schools[1] in Addison doubled as Episcopal and Methodist Churches. The second school was a stone building which stood beside the third, framed school. This school was moved to Benjamin Scott’s property and used as a horse stable. It was torn down in the early 1950’s. The third school is a frame building which was constructed in the early 1870’s. It continued to be the Addison School until the 1960’s. The building is now privately owned.

In the 1820’s a log school was erected to replace the one room educational centre in the smithy. This building gave way to a stone school which served Addison for 90 years.

Charles O. Stowell, who married the two daughters of John Ketchum, was born in Massechusetts February 17, 1797. Educated in the United States he came to Canada as a young man with a teaching certificate. In 1832 he took a teaching job at the old Addison school about 200 yards south of the old Perth Trail. This pioneer log school was later torn down and the school moved into the Methodist Church. When the Methodists build a new stone church on the other side of the road, now the Addison United Church, the old house of worship became a permanent school. This school served the community for 90 years until it became unfit for school purposes. It ended its days as a stable on the Scott Farm, where it eventually gave way to decay and collapsed.

A wooden frame school replaced the stone structure and in the late 1960’s it was closed. The Addison School was listed as 21

School Superintendents Report (Ontario Archives)

Shows the following information, which in some cases contradicts what we have already researched, and contradicts other filed School Superintendents Reports:

1850: Log building, 20×26 in size, constructed in 1850, condition: Good

1854: Stone building first opened in 1832

[1] Greenbush and Addison Villages a look at the history and homes by Karen Clout BA pub 1994

The building is now privately owned and is located at 9210 Addison-Greenbush Road.

The Athens Reporter and County of Leeds Advertiser

Tuesday May 21, 1895 issue

Addison School House (Elizabethtown SS #21) – The appearance of our school yard has been much improved by the levelling and planting of more trees. Also the windows of the house are adorned with nice plants, all of which will have a beneficial part in the education of the pupils in attendance.


Addison, Ontario One room schoolhouse
Addison School House taken in 2016
Addison School 2016 (2)
Addison School House taken in 2016
Addison Class of 1904
Addison Class of 1904















Class Photo unknown date
Class Photo unknown date perhaps in the 1920’s by the styles
Halloween Party, date unknown
School children, date unknown
In front of the school, no date, notice the fence and the boy sitting on it is barefoot
Addison School in the winter, date unknown
School Photo, date unknown, notice the girl in the front had to laugh !


































School Class c1935 (Notice the boy in the front row right, just had to blow his nose at the moment the photo was taken)
Addison School c1935, note the turnstile used as a gate
Addison School Class of 1933
Addison Public School Christmas 1935








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  1. Very impressive, enjoy them as they bring many memories of how things were
    in the 1930’s, depression era, and going to one room school. It served as the
    Baptist church also. Museum is very impressive as a whole, and the Blacksmith
    shop area, looking great with new cleanup and painting. Great job, John.
    Jerry M.

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