Elizabethtown – The Early Years

Elizabethtown Township Elizabethtown was named in honour of Princess Elizabeth, the third daughter and seventh child of King George III and Queen Charlotte. According to a recent biography, she lived an unhappy, cloistered life. Vivacious and pretty as a child, she inherited an unfortunate tendency to corpulence as she grew older. She was “artistic, emotional, […]

Tincap – A One Room School House in Elizabethtown

Tin Cap School (Sectional School #9)   The unique name of Tincap was given to the community by some early settlers because the old stone schoolhouse boasted a cupola with a tin cap and as this was the only building of note, Tincap seemed a very suggestive name. The school was burned about 1894, and […]

Spring Valley – A One Room School House in Elizabethtown

Spring Valley School  (School Section #11)   Spring Valley School was first located at the corner of W.E. Stewart’s field to the left of Ruben Davis’ driveway. The original school was an unpainted frame building that got so old, it could no longer be kept warm in winter. In 1878 the present school was completed […]

Sherwood Springs – A One Room School House in Elizabethtown

Sherwood Springs School School Sectional #3 Elizabethtown  School Sectional # 1 Front of Yonge   The first school building was made of logs and located on the west side of Sherwood Springs Road, near the site of Jim Eligh’s brick house. It was started in 1851, but not opened until January 3, 1854. The second […]

Seeley’s – A One Room School House in Elizabethtown

Seeley’s School (School Section #10)   The original school building made of stone, was built in 1849. The second building, built of brick in 1889, burned one cold winter’s day on January  26, 1957. The growth of the settlement at Seeley’s necessitated the building of a school. In 1849 one was built on the corner […]

Rock School – A One Room School House in Elizabethtown

Rock School School Section Number Unknown The new Rock School was built in 1937. The school was built of native granite, quarried a few yards from the school. This new school is located on Hwy #2 west of Brockville, and west of Oakland Cemetery. It was regarded as a model rural public school with accommodations […]

New Dublin – A One Room School House in Elizabethtown

New Dublin School (School Section #15)   The first school was built near Lamb’s Pond, almost across the road from the Ernest Kendrick farm, later owned by Donald Stewart. Later a school was built on the Horton Farm near the present school. No dates are know for the erection of either of these buildings. The […]

Lillie’s – A One Room School House in Elizabethtown

Lillie’s School (S.S. No. 12 Elizabethtown S.S.No. 9 Front of Yonge)   Lillie’s School was located at Lillie’s about five miles from Lyn on the Graham Lake Road. The original school was built of wood and located on the west corner of Hendry Road a quarter of a mile west of the new school. The […]

Howard – A One Room School House in Elizabethtown

Howard School (School Section #6)   On the 12th Day of October 1861, a parcel of land was purchased on which to build the Howard School.  The indenture was between Andrew Donaldson and his wife Eliza and the School Section number 6 in the township of Elizabethtown, for a sum of sixty dollars. The parcel […]

Halleck’s – A One Room School House in Elizabethtown

Halleck’s School  (School Section #5)   On June 28, 1963 the school rang its’ bell for the last time. The teacher at the time was Mrs. Marion Ross, and she was the last person to teach at the little brick school house located on the Halleck’s Road. The 27 remaining pupils from this school were […]

Greenbush – a One Room School House in Elizabethtown

Greenbush School  (School Section No. 20)   The first school in Greenbush was built of logs in 1835 on land donated by James Haskin. It burned in 1845 after only ten years of use. The second school, made of stone, was constructed on the same site in 1848. It was twice as large as the […]

Fairfield East a One Room Schoolhouse in Elizabethtown

Fairfield East School School Section No. 8 The first school was a log cabin built on the west corner of the farm owned by McDougall’s. Johnathan Barr was the teacher and was noted for his stern and strict qualities. When the community became more settled it was found that the school was not central nor […]

Addison a One Room School House in Elizabethtown

Addison School  (School Section No. 21) There have been four schools in Addison. The first was built of logs and burned. Both the second and third schools[1] in Addison doubled as Episcopal and Methodist Churches. The second school was a stone building which stood beside the third, framed school. This school was moved to Benjamin […]